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CIS meeting in Korriban

March 25, 2013

The Confederacy of Independent System held their meeting in the CMC (Corellia Mining Corporation) offices in Korriban. Several topic were addressed.

Lady Kia was please of the several deal during the fair in Dathomir. Many were minor, but they have a major agreement with a Space Station orbiting around Tatooine. Out of the troubles of the surface, they host a factory of advanced weapons. Also a group of dancers and entertainers lives in. CIS members would send a delegation to this station.

Lady Kia also started the investigations on Ilum missing mining colony. Nothing was found, so far, the facility remain intact. Since an Enclave of Jedi now seat nearby, some member suggested to proposed them to represent Ilum.

The next order of business was the upcoming renewal of the CIS contract with the Revenant Armada, who were contracted to provide security to the CIS shipping lanes. Magister Salene Lusch of Zonama Sekot had stated that the people of her world were concerned with the war the Revenant Armada was raging against the Hapes Consortium. Several reports had indicated that Armada forces had leveled several worlds in the Hapes CLuster, and Magister Salene was concerned on the wider implications of such a war for the CIS.

CIS meeting on Korriban.

Admiral Abyssus of the Armada personally appeared at this meeting to clear the air, though he already had backing from other members such as Gistya Antilles who stated that it wasn’t CIS concerned what the Armada was involved in as long as they were not conducting their affairs under the CIS flag or authorization. Admiral Abyssus assured the membership that the Armada conducts their duties under their contracts professionally and are separated from their personal affairs. He also pointed out that worlds like Zonama Sekot shouldn’t be so critical of Armada affairs since they’ve made bed fellows with Sith, criminal and other suspicious factions around the galaxy, all who have committed atrocities far worse than what has happened in their war. Magister Lusch responded that the destruction of a world is worth concern but she had said her peace for now and would wait for the re-newel vote at the next meeting.

Following this exchange, Emperor Oblivion and Lady Zyrah, who recently gained extensive holding on Coruscant came before the CIS membership to express their willingness to work with the confederation and to offer the old senate building on Coruscant for CIS use. After a discussion of the concern of the Order of Dark Sith Lord’s expansive imperial tendencies, the CIS members agreed to visit Coruscant and the other holdings of this Empire to gather more information, enter more talks, and to see about a trade treaty being formed even if this empire didn’t become a member. A final report about Coruscant would be prepared for the next meeting.

On a final note, Baron Septus also arrived to the meeting to offer his services to the Confederation. Not able to stay long, he said he could be contacted if the CIS or its individual members needed anything. Most likely he referred to the biological technologies he’s developed and deployed around the galaxy. The CIS members made no comments on the offer at this time and with that this meeting was adjourned with the next being scheduled in two weeks for Korriban again.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira