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Sith Empire warn a defector

March 25, 2013

A reporter of the Galactic News discussed with Darth Rowe, hand of the Sith Emperor.

Yavin 4: The Dark Lady Rowe, hand of the Sith Emperor, issued a warning against a defector of the Empire, formerly known as Darth Nessa and now Jen’ari Ciera. Darth Rowe assured the Empire removed Nessa’s title of Darth, for crimes she has committed. The nature of these crimes are however not revealed. She was judged and demoted by the Council in her attendance.

Dark Lady Rowe

Darth Rowe also had harsh world against Nessa’s claim upon the title of “Dark Lady”, title she would have without legitimacy. Also, “there is only room in this Galaxy for one Dark Lady.” She assure she will “crush her underfoot today, tomorrow and the next day until her life is full of nothing but hiding in the shadows looking over her shoulder for the next steady whomp (she) put on her pretentious ass.” On a general matter, Nessa s reproached to challenge the Empire by her activities.

In other news, Darth Rowe assured the Sith Empire “has never been better,” continuing their trade with the mandalorians while the Jedi resistance in Ossus had stopped.

— Daana Kira

  1. Jen'ari Ciera
    March 25, 2013 at 5:38 PM

    ~Leaning forward, fingers gripping the sides of the chair on which she sat. Soaking in the words of the article that she read. They were so intoxicating to her, that she had almost been drinking them in with her eyes. It seemed her little interaction with one of her former apprentices has brought about the reaction she so desired. Her lips curl into a devilish smile as she turns on the recorder. An opaque, blue Holo Image of herself appears on the screen. She records her message both to the those of Byss, and those of the Galaxy.~

    “Since the all mighty Dark Lady Rowe requires the media to make her idle threats, seeing as her, and her counter parts are to frail to get their hands dirty any longer. I shall return the gesture with great gusto. Allow me to begin by correcting a few of the Senior Sith’s mistakes. It is only understandable that she would make them, spending to much time in ones chambers, filing their nails, will do that to a person.”

    “Firstly the Byss Empire did not strip with force that of my Darth title. For I relinquished it of my own accord. Hence why they have no crime to bring fourth to the publics knowledge. Why might I have, one of the most loyal to Byss, strip that of my title you ask? Well long has it been prevalent to the Galaxy that those of Byss were no longer worthy of their claimed titles. Their stagnant behavior has made them weak, lowered their resolve as true Sith. It stems from their innate fear for things they cannot control. I am sure this is a concept that even the most unintelligent beings will grasp. For your actions, even now, prove my point so potently I almost have no need to point it out. Though to humor those listening, I shall.”

    “You speak of my title being illegitimate. That there may only be one Dark Lady? Though your actions do not back up your words, I believe they call it. Talking the talk, without walking the walk? Since you tolerate having peers not only among your own brethren. Also others who blindly claim such a title publicly to the masses. You sit back, and do nothing. Biding your time, filing your nails, scolding your pets for sport. Where I have toppled Sith who claim such delusions of grandeur. Influenced Sith Orders to regain their place in the Galaxy, to be set on the true path of the Sith.”

    “Do not try to pull a veil over the Galaxy, Lady Rowe. Your tricks are all but understood now, they are all but tiresome. Everyone knows why the group of Mandalorians have such trade routes with you. And it is well known that the fabricated Jedi of Ossus were just a rouse in hopes of yet again gaining control over something you fear. It was why those members of the GLA who planned to join in assistance fled without aiding them in freeing their home. For they saw through your deception, you failed. Again…”

    “Remember, Lady Rowe, when your licking your wounds later. That you started this little battle through this medium. Where you might have once, dealt with me in person, you are a shadow of your former self. I have hid not, for I have been quite in the open. Rallying the Sith, rallying our allies. Those you could not secure, and those you could but could not sustain. In conclusion; You may have been stronger…. your history might be seeped with victory. But I have constantly been fighting a much tougher battle. Against a rival known as the future…. The Ghosts of the past don’t stand a chance. Legends in distant History are always exaggerated, but eventually, someone outdoes them… that’s when new legends are born. So I await you, your counterparts, or your servants presence before me. Or who knows… I might just come knocking at your own doorstep.”

    ~With her very last words, the blue image of her figure would zip off, the connection broken, the upload completed. She sat back in her chair and smiled, satisfied with the turn of events. They were unfolding exactly as she anticipated.~

    • Darth Octavious
      March 27, 2013 at 6:28 AM

      “With the challenge of rain does the storm muster. With the talk of slander do others shout. So it is that those so easily wounded by a few words give call to arms, call to voices, and call to stand. You have upset those whom you have intended Jen’ari Ciera, and have garnered my gaze thusly. I will be dispatching words of privy here shortly, but publicly know that you are of intrest as are your plans…. I shall lend you aid should it be needed.”

  2. Darth Decon
    March 25, 2013 at 10:41 PM

    *chuckles at what he is seeing on the Holonet shaking his head slightly “Nessa do you have any original thought in that febal little mind of yours?” he said simply “What you are saying has all been said before by others who failed to do what they said they were going to do” shaking his head slightly “The Former Galatic Empire said the same thing about us. How stagnant they have become. It is funny how you say you were not striped of your title. How ever that is the very truth” huffing slightly

    “I bet you are still Living under the delousion that you have done nothing wrong and all is well. You just might come to our Doorstep? OH please do it will save us the trouble of hunting you down wouldn’t it?” he said with a chuckle shaking his head “You joined our Order after we gotten out of a conflict and you left before you even seen any real battle” huffed slightly “Drop you delousions of grandger” he said in a stern tone “I will find it amusing if you live up to your promise and come knocking at our door. As you will be striked down swiftly and without mercy” Shaking his head “You are a feeble child and a coward for I tried training you in combat only to have you refuse time after time never advancing your skill with a lightsaber tisk tisk tisk.”

    “Use as many excuses you wish. Your still nothing but an infant in my eye’s” rolled his eye’s slightly “We gave you a chance to remain with our Order as a Lord But you refused your ego would not allow yourself to be demoted for abusing such a privlage” his hand taped his desk “new legends may be born but it surley is not a child like you.. At least think of something original to say or say nothing at all. This just proves one thing how scared you are” shaking his head slightly as he cuts off transmistion.

    • March 27, 2013 at 12:49 AM

      I heared rumours you had been promoted, Decon. How do you feel now with your new siit title and the new robe? Much better i think. Hmmm, Nessa was your pupil… find a new one and do your best, this time… chuckles, how was said…. ” much far younger and more powerful”.Switching off the connection, he sighs, shakes his head and whispers to himself ” Knowing Decon, it seems he will start again with the usually term ” child”.

  3. Darth Periculosa
    March 26, 2013 at 2:24 AM

    The image of a young, dark-skinned twi’lek appeared upon the screen. Even in this simple electronic transmission, the cold eyes demonstrated no empathy – indeed, it would seem such an emotion had long since left the woman. Instead her voice conveyed the message, cold and hard as steel.

    “Nessa, sweet child, how amusing it is that you felt the need to respond to her words. I also find myself amused by the very idea that you consider us weak by your perception of inaction. It would seem that you were not nearly privy to as much as you think, and you are naught but a spoiled child. A stain upon the galaxy that was granted one title too many, and delusions of grandeur have now surfaced within your tiny mind.”

    The lithe figure moved, a strange lab apparent in the background, as she took a seat beside some strange, disfigured beast that she began to pet in a nurturing manner. “Let us be frank, child. You were never my equal, much less the equal of those who now sit upon the Council. You had so much to learn, such potential, and yet you squander it. Say what you will about me, but I am not one given to let things go to waste; therefore, I offer you a proposal.”

    The twi’lek leaned forward, her arms now resting upon the desk and fingertips connecting to form a steeple as she gazed into the screen. “Come back, and prostrate yourself before us. Wear a chain and collar, and allow me to parade you around Byss like a lost puppy, and I shall attempt to convince the Council to let you return as my apprentice, or at least grant you a swift and merciful death. If not, then I assure you that the horrors I can afflict upon your flesh will pale compared to those I can inflict upon your spirit.”

    Periculosa sat back, her lips turning upward into a smile. “I will not bother returning to the story posted here by our friends at the GNN. Send me word by private courier within one galactic week, otherwise I shall presume that you have declined my more than generous offer.”

    With that the twi’lek’s finger could be seen reaching for the console, before the screen goes black.

  4. March 26, 2013 at 7:53 AM

    Finally some entertainment again. I didn’t know what I was going to do with myself once the GE inevitably became a lifeless, hollow shell. But DLoTS can be an endless source of amusement, if someone pokes it in the right place. Like the Stenness dough-droid.

    So anyway, Darth Rowe, how has it been? I haven’t seen you in a while, but your nails do look pretty well-filed in that picture. I think Nessa the bikini model’s unprintable crime is that she stole beauty tips from you.

    Which, really, if she wanted beauty tips, she could have shot a lot higher. But then, she clearly isn’t very smart.

  5. Darth Rowe
    March 26, 2013 at 6:39 PM

    Talk is cheap sweet heart. I have spared all the words I needed to on this. Now my saber will do the talking. See you soon.

    • March 27, 2013 at 4:37 AM

      Your saber will do the talking, lady Rowe? Where? At saber tournaments, Spring Tiara Quest or rather at…Miss Galaxy pageant? I can’t find any explanations for your look changes…Judging by Sohn interpretation is just a girl argue, so that’s your own business, so what’s gonna be it’s up to you all(siit business), rest of us we shall enjoy the show and make bets.

  6. Lord Teivel
    March 27, 2013 at 4:17 AM

    Flicked on the holocam as the lord faced forwards shaking his head then points at the holo
    “enjoy it while you can a purge is coming Nessa, run and hide”the holocam went to dark when Teivel force crushed it just as he transmitted it

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