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Tython Prepares for an Attack

March 29, 2013

GNN reporter Daana Kira spoke to several on Tython about the blockade by the Darth Septus and the Robe of the Hand.

As Sith forces converge on Tython preparing to take that world by force, factions on Tython likewise are preparing. Still able to breakthrough the blockade, forces are arriving on Tython to aid the New Jedi Order against their enemies. Already the NJO council in conjunction with the local military have begun evacuation proceedings for the civilian populations and are coordinating with several groups to work out a defense for Tython.

Troopers and Jedi in Tython

It had already been known that other Jedi factions such as the DJE and the KOJ would be involved in the defense of Tython, but also the GAR has arrived to provide their aid, though because of GAR’s recent closed-door policies, its unknown what their exact roles will be other than just grunt support. It was unclear also from the words of some of the troopers if they knew what positions to take as most seemed just content to say “We got this, GAR is here and everything is fine”.

Only time will tell if everything will be fine and if a common ground can be found throughout all the defensive factions, though the NJO and its allies from a third-party perspective seem to have an uphill battle ahead of them and their only hope maybe able to last through a siege. However, even though they don’t seem to have the upper position in this fight, Master Marsh Solo was confident though that they would be able to defend their home and that Tython would never fall to the Sith.

For the service of the galactic public, GNN reporters will bravely relay the situation as it unfold even in the face of growing opposition.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

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  2. Maia Celaeno
    March 30, 2013 at 6:17 PM

    Septus’s wonderful little bug has been neutralised. I took the liberty of accounting for natural and purposeful mutations as well for my vaccine. ROTH isn’t the only one with a geneticist and I happily thank you for the radical sport you’ve offered. Feel free to try your virus out anyway, but one show of good sportsmanship deserves another in kind, I guess.

    – Maia

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