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Bambossa Becomes Latest Monarch on Naboo

April 1, 2013

GNN reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide traveled to the Naboo to speak with the latest declared monarch.

King Bambossa of Naboo.

Springtime on Naboo brings beauty, new life, and as the past few years have shown a new monarch. This year is no different except for a small detail. Instead of a new Queen in the human populations, this year a Gungan is taking stage being declared King of Naboo. A powerfully built Gungan known as Bambossa the Crunchen Bigan has been met with fan-fair by his people to lead Naboo into a new golden age. With experience traveling the Galaxy learning political science, military strategy along with several other disciplines ranging from science to linguistics, Bambossa is promising to bring his experience and knowledge back to Naboo and to his loyal subject who have taken to every stream and pond to pour out their love and adoration to their new monarch.

With perfect clarity Bambossa had this to say “Messa thinkin to bringin tounge-grabben to all gungan… gungans livin in the Logreena and the Deepina. Messa love the people and thesa lova messa olso. Yesa!” With that inarguable passion one wonders if Bambossa is the one to unite all the people of Naboo. Maybe so but he faces stiff competition as several queens from countless territories around the ancient planet are also proclaiming the same. Bombassa had a few words for them though which again he delivered with the eloquence not commonly found in the galaxy “Da humans leaders don t know what thesa is up against.thesa is make a big doo-doo if thesa don t believe da gungan ganna lead da people bombad than thesa ganna.but messa doin lovein all da queens and plan to give them personal positions under messa.”

In response to the Bombassa’s comments the Queens of Naboo had much to say especially when confronted with the idea of being an underling working closely with a Gungan king and with the idea of sharing power with the others. The Queen of Theed summed up many of their positions nicely “A king of naboo? That’s ridiculous, Naboo has always been led by a Queen in her prime age of 13. How can we go against tradition and the rich history of thousands of years of a pure royal bloodline. Plus the people love their Queen and want me to lead them to greatness. All across Naboo they are behind me 100% and shower me with love and attention wherever I go. This Bambossa is just another  usurper, like the others claiming to be Queen of Naboo, but they have no support and the people love me so much, how do they think they can lead anything.”

One of the queens from the large population of young monarchs on Naboo. Queen-Watching tours are available.

The Queen of the Northern territory also shared a similar sentiment “How does this Gungan believe he’s King, where’s his proof? I have palaces filled with proof of my rightful claim to the throne of Naboo. Everyone knows my lineage and my family relationships with the other wonderful and caring royal families in the galaxy. And with the people supporting me this Gungan will just fade away in the background.” Furthermore the Queen of the Sunken Lands took this one step forward “If this so-called King tries to tell my loyal subjects and loving people of Naboo what to do, he’ll join with the others claiming to be Queen and will feel the righteous wrath of my great and powerful armies.” Likewise the the Queen of Amadala Jungles also proclaimed a possible military strike against this new adding “Nothing will stop the great and ever so loving people of Naboo who professed their total support to me as their Queen.” Similar statements  came from the other Nabooan Queens with only the Queen of the Frozen Steppes giving a more neutral if not friendly position to Bambossa “Oh I just love the Gunagns, they’ve been so good to me and my pure royal family over the years. I’m sure we can enter into a warmly comfortable relationship. A Gungan King may not be such a bad idea. With his intelligence and experience and my charm and support of the Nabooan people we could really be a force to be dealt with.”

It seems the Nabooan political landscape has just become much more complex. GNN will of course continuing coverage of this is ongoing situation on Naboo, but be sure to order the over-sized holo-vid giving a complete history with stats of all the queens of Naboo, which now includes the first King entry. And to conclude, we’ll give this King the final thought-provoking words “Messa m gonna do da greatta and bombad things for Naboo, all the Gungan children gonna liven in bombad friendshippy with the Nabooans, Messa raisen bombad powerful army, and maken Naboo da smarten and high thinkin capital of da galaxy, with da support of thesa queens and peoples. Wessa Great! Yessa!”

-Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

  1. Vox Cast
    April 2, 2013 at 10:59 AM

    (( Not sure if serious RP or April fools 😛 ))

  2. Hoggil
    April 2, 2013 at 11:57 AM

    lol I think it was an april fools thing vox :P))

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