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Combats in Nar Shaddaa docks

April 2, 2013

Galactic News Network reporters were informed about combats in Nar Shaddaa docks.

Warehouse burning after the battle

Warehouses were in flame in the docks of Nar Shaddaa after combats broke out against local defenders and Jedi. At the end of the fight, the Jedi had to flee, leaving one of them, Jay, in the hand of the defenders. Possibly another was killed. The defenders were made of allies to the Hutt, such as Sihivus Verne, leader of the Imperious, or Darth Veka. Since dozens of days, Sihivus Verne was readying for such a combat, having tamed modified Vornsks, a sort of Jedi Hunter Hounds. Once again she reproached the Jedi to encroach the local sovereignty of the Hutt on the planet. She blamed them to “wish to impose their belief” and “to restrict freedoms given to the Cartels.”

Patrols will be doubled in the city in the hope to catch the run away. Expectingly we’ll know more about their motivation regarding this last events.

— Daana Kira.