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Sith troops landing in Tython

April 2, 2013

A reporter of the Galactic News watched the combats in Tython.

Combats on the planet

Sith troops landed in Tython and faced the Jedi and their allies. Called to support Darth Septus’ and Aeon Talon’s claims on the planet, they first engaged the defending troops who come to meet them in the field and eventually had the upper hand, assuring a bridgehead.

The defenders were made of Jedi from different origin, at least Tython, Yavin 4, Ilum, troopers from the Grand Army (GAR), the New Republic’s NRSO or the GRAE regrouped at the temple gates and managed to resist to its assault. The Sith were forced to withdraw but the defenders counted too much casualties to counter attack. the Sith might remain present in the planet and a second battle is to be expected.

— Daana Kira