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Yavin IV Increases Security and Military Operations

April 3, 2013

GNN reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide traveled to the Jedi moon of Yavin IV to catch up on recent events.

Padawan Redden of the KOJ.

Yavin IV: The moon itself hasn’t seen much activity in recent weeks, bu the KOJ itself has been involved in several off world operations the latest being in helping the NJO and Tython security forces against Darth Septus and the massive armada under the command of Aeon Talon. A KOJ padawan, Falkreath Redden, was able to give a first account view of what he saw at the opening moments of the hostilities on Tython. He himself a son of the famous Voren Redden, he nonetheless has allied with his father’s enemies and was conducting scouting missions on Tython. From these missions he was able to find out his father who leads the New Confederacy based out of Trandosha is helping the Sith forces there. Even with the massive amount of firepower sent against the Jedi stronghold the Jedi with their allies were able to hold their position amongst heavy fighting. As both sides recuperate it seems its just a matter of time before another major battle erupts. This padawan  has returned to Yavin IV but may have to go back as several of the order were preparing to leave again.

Commander Rubi of the Yavin Defense Force.

Other Jedi were also preparing to join with their brother and sisters as they leave the relative safety of the moon to the Yavin Security forces. Recently formed the organization who provided military as well as policing support on the moon has named a new commander, one Miss Rubi. Gaining experience from working with other security forces as well as mercenary groups, she is honored to have been asked to come lead the forces on Yavin IV. She was however tight-lipped about any plans she has for this paramilitary group other than just make sure that things stay peaceful on Yavin IV as they patrol the area, keeping the locals safe from those roaming the galaxy looking for fights.

For those interested in working for a security force, this Yavin force is currently recruiting and looking for able-bodied personnel to protect the moon.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira