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Jedi Talk, Announcements and New Security Hired at Hutt Night

April 4, 2013

GNN reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide attended the latest Hutt Night.

“Once again the Hutt Council held a public audience at the Black Hole Casino in Nar Shaddaa. A large came before Shaka, Gilbar, Helsing, Jomaba, and several other Hutts. Hosting the event was majordomo Zestra.

Verne with her “pets” before the council giving a summary of the security issue.

Even though many were tired of speaking about the Jedi, nonetheless several of the Council members wanted news on them because of the credits lost do to recent conflicts with some of the orders. Sihivus Verne came first to give news on the performance of the Sith enhanced Vornskyrs. She stated they performed admirably and that two of those helping the Jedi, Jay and a lady, were taken into custody, though there was some extensive property damage. Verne seemed confident though that the conflict with the Jedi would end soon and reminded everyone that security was being tightened and random attack would not be tolerated anymore.

Envy of X Play giving announcements on upcoming events.

Next Envy of X Play came before the council to make some announcements on the entertainment font. Firs the Miss Galaxy Pageant is to kick off next week with the first event taking place on Nar Shaddaa ((Friday April 12 7PM SL time)). Other local planetary pageants are in the works now leading up to the final crowning of Miss Galaxy. Also kick starting on Nar Shaddaa will be the Galactic Saber tournament ((Saturday April 13 9AM and 7 PM SLT)).

Following the X Play announcements and employee of Oondabba the Hutt wish to open up formal trade relations with the Hutt Council. The council stated they would be pleased to open trade with another Hutt and invited Oondabba to come sit with them at the next meeting.

Next Teroch of the Death Watch clan Viszla came before the Hutts. Telling of the destruction of most of his clan at the hands of the Mandalore he offered his skills to the Hutt. The Hutt were impressed by his speech and his passion to work and Verne seemed to hire him on to help with security with the stipulation that his feud with the Mandalore would not inhibit his work for the Hutt.

Archer, one of many seeking employment from the Hutts.

Following this another man came before the Hutts known as Archer Crev who also wished to work for the Hutts where he could serve them with his considerable military skills. Like the other he was hired on by Verne.

With that the council retired with their new security detail to begin plans to secure their holding against further Jedi attacks.”

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana kira