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Troubles amongst the Hutts

April 19, 2013

Reporters of the Galactic News attended at the Hutt Night in Nar shaddaa.

The Hutt Night started once more in the Black Hole casino of Nar Shaddaa. Many Hutt were attending for this audience of their Clan council, however a tension was perceptible in the room.

After discussions on the podium, the session opened by a declaration of Shaka the Hutt. He said taking the head of the Clan Council, justifying last audience’s incident and the fact the other leaders did not participate, causing a prejudice to the business.

Belutric, leader at the council objected and offered to Shaka to get the position in a Pazaak party or in a vote. Apparently their disagreement came from a report from Verne about the last attacks from the Jedi. According to Belutric this report was a lie, but Shaka trusted it anyway. Belutric denied to Verne any official role toward the council and suggested she was plotting against his clan. He claimed Verne was backed by the Sith, if not a Sith herself or by her attitude, while the Hutt shall remain independent.

The Hutt Night

Shaka and his supporters however refused to hear his speech. The Hutts then argued up to the point where they drew their fists. Shaka drew a lightsaber and destroyed the blaster Belutric tried to use to counter him. Then Shaka sliced his elder’s armour and eventually severed his arm. Belutric managed to escape in a cloud of smoke, shouting he will not acknowledge Shaka as council leader and will return to Tatooine meanwhile. Shaka ordered his guards to kill Belutric if ever he came back.

After the incident, the Hutt Night resumed, the Captain Greyson from the Renegade fleet thanked the Hutt for the memorial of their former commanders Scarlet and Vice. He also reported their investigation against pirates in Tatooine.

Then the hologram of the Mandalore A’denla Kad appeared. He wanted to accept any challenge from whoever would have put a bounty on one of his general while he was at war against Mirialans. He was directed to Sihivus Verne, officer in the Bounty Hunter Guild, who might now more details.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide