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Quarantine on Onderon

April 21, 2013

GNN Reporter Xera D’Ukal, while on a routine medical visit to the Sir Gent 09 Medical Center in Iziz, stumbled upon a horrifying scene:

Shortly after this reporter arrived to the Medical Center, several citizens arrived escorted by one of the Onderon troops.  The Corporal explained that he had found a woman sick and complaining of blindness in the middle of the street and escorted her to the medical center immediately.  Around the same time, another woman arrived with the same ailment, which turned out to be none other than the Queen of Onderon’s handmaiden, Jade.

Ailing Citizens flock to the Medical Center

The nurse on duty did all she could to save the first woman who had come in, but the woman was vomiting violently and other bodily fluids were spewing out of her uncontrollably.  Several of these liquids got on the soldier which had brought her in for help in the first place.  The woman was pronounced dead exactly fifteen minutes after her arrival.  The soldier who had brought her, despite washing in a sanitation area, contracted the disease almost immediately after her death, and was dead one hour later.  Jade was medically evacuated escorted by troops to the Queen’s flagship and placed in cryo-stasis.

The Iziz medical staff, now deeply worried, had yet another patient brought in.  This one was considerably more calm as she was lead to the biobeds to be treated.  The nurse did everything she could to try and save the woman’s life, but she too succumbed to this terrible virus as the nurse held her hand in her blindness.

Blood Samples are Taken from the Victims

The Mandalorian warrior known as ‘Rook’ on duty at the medical center issued a planet-wide level 1 Quarantine of the populace, stating all ships flying in or out must be thoroughly checked for disease or anything carrying disease before entry or exit.

A team in Hazmat suits scoured the city and found that soon the entirety of the Onderon Military, which had been called in to enforce the civilian quarantine, were now dead due to the virus..  Blood samples from the victims have been gathered and delivered to the science offices of the Adascorp Corporation in hopes of finding out what this deadly virus is so that a cure can be found.

Hazmat Team investigates the streets of Iziz

The Queen of Onderon was not available for comment on her city’s plight, as she had been evacuated to her flagship the moment the outbreak occurred.  Further medical aid and supplies are expected to arrive via the Mandalorian clan Munit’kad who has been responsible for the security of Onderon ever since the Queen liberated it from the sith.  The death toll is at a catastrophic level and is expected to rise even higher by the time this virus’ origins and cure is discovered.  Bodies are to be burned immediately, not buried, and it is recommended all trade with Iziz cease for the time being.  Updates are to follow on this story.
— Xera D’Ukal

  1. faardor
    April 23, 2013 at 5:05 PM

    Its sad to see that while we (mandalorians) can help enforce a blockade of the planet, we can not provide our own medical knowledge and research to help. Having been there myself I was refused access to a blood sample by the staff. Reducing my options to act as a nurse and offer easy deaths to these people through euthanasia or reducing their pain through pain killers until the disease kills them. Or to act as a mortician and burning their bodies.

    Obviously Adascorp and the government of Onderon wish to postpone curing the virus so they can ship more medical supplies. With the Queen most likely being offered some money to keep blood sample access restricted. (As I was told by their staff I would require permission from her)
    And as far as the virus goes im almost positive on which disease it is (the symptoms and quick kill time give away a lot of what it could be) and it is very much curable.

    But I am not going to start handing out cures and vaccines just because of a hunch I have (I need a blood sample) and I would rather not incur the wrath of the Adascorp as I happen to have assets on Arkania and like my time there. As there is no world greater or better to get medical supplies and research from.

  2. faardor
    April 23, 2013 at 5:09 PM

    Plus, I do not have the monetary resources to provide the vaccine / cures to millions (or billions?) of people, id need the monetary support from a greater entity (such as the government of onderon)

  3. Duke Of Onderon
    April 23, 2013 at 7:35 PM

    The government of Onderon is doing everything in its power to put a end to this crisis, the citizens are priority no farther comment is needed on this.

  4. faardor
    April 24, 2013 at 3:35 PM

    Perhaps limiting the research into the virus (god its taking quite a while) by only one company isn’t doing everything in your power now is it? No more common sense is needed on this.

  5. Duke Of Onderon
    April 24, 2013 at 6:29 PM

    I feel you think it is your concern though the concern is welcome, Onderon has experts working on it we will beat it no more of this unjust finger pointing.

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