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Shaka Speaks Out on the Discourse in the Hutt Council

April 23, 2013

A reporter of the Galactic News Network discussed with Shaka the Hutt in his casino of Nar Shaddaa.

Shaka the Hutt (left)

More details on the argument about the Hutt Clan Council lead. Shaka the Hutt announced he took over the head, although it was contested by Bellutric, who eventually had to withdraw to Tatooine after a duel. Shaka justified this move telling Belutric “costed him much” lately, but he’s usually peaceful. The cost was an attack on Sihivus Verne, and more precisely on a minion of her. Verne was working to eliminating the Jedi who cost the Hutt several credits.

Morrigan, his majordomo, considers Darmutta the Hutt did not take a position in this conflict yet and only regretted to have missed the duel. She said since Verne’s authority was granted by Shaka, Bellutris had not right to interfere. She regrets Verne’s leave after this issue but said she’s free to do so. So far, Shaka’s supporters claim they have not seen yet any action from Bellutric’s but only words.