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Odominic new estate in Nal Hutta

April 26, 2013

Odominic Estate

Reporters of the Galactic News Network discussed with Issula the Hutt in her new domain in Nal Hutta.

Nal Hutta: Issula the Hutt, leader of the Odominic clan, aquired a large estate in Nal Hutt and will diversify her activities. While Sleheyron will still have the shipyards, she will dedicate this new outpost for the creation of perfume, races, games, etc. the perfumes are designed for those, not only Hutt liking strong scents. It’s based on the water of the local swamps, collected near the race track, animal residues, and other local specialities.

Issula the Hutt (left)

The perfumes are made using forced labour, from the designers to the workers and the health tests are minimal, when they are done, to lower the costs. Issula expect a success of his new business and is working on distribution channel.

Visitors are welcome to enjoy the cantina and watch the upcoming races who would be run across the swamps. Issula also refused to comment the argument about the Hutt Council, after Shaka’s take over.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide