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Guests in Korriban CIS meeting

April 29, 2013

A reporters of the Galactic News Network was invited in the CIS meeting in Korriban.

The meeting of the Confederacy of Independent System took place in Korriban for the last time, under the presidency of Gistya Antilles from the CMC (Corelian Mining Corporation.) The next meeting will be in Mustafar, invited by Issula the Hutt, the facility rebuilt would be then complete. A group of Jedi from Yavin 4, following Masters Umino and Atlantis came as guests. Members regretted the absence of Shaka from Nar Shaddaa, although, according Mustafar representative Iskara Kaar, he would be busy caring the trouble within the Hutt Clan Council after the recent events.

Meeting Room

The Jedi were invited at the initiative of Lady Kia from Dathomir. She, and Salene Lusch from Zonama Sekot were interested by improving the trade with the moon. The Jedi claimed they were for the free trade. Each part wondered what good they could trade, Miss Antilles outlined the independence of the members of the Confederacy and it was suggested Yavin apply. The Jedi said their council is the governing body on the moon and they were part of the Republic. Their representative assumed they might negotiate freely, without passing though the Republic ministers, although they will check on which extend.

The last guest was Mister La’Sae, from the Galactic Paradigm Technologie, a company providing equipment and weapons marketed for explorers and mercenaries. They are based in Ord Thoden and their major export is lommite ore. Miss Antiles recalled the CIS isn’t yet able to affiliate business entities but they might amend their constitution if there is an interest and the members agree.

— Daana Kira