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Rescue from Korriban

May 5, 2013

Local GNN Correspondents on Tython made a report describing the rescue of NJO Grand Master Zac Mistwalker.

During the war between Jedi forces and those of Darth Septus and the Robe of the Hand led by Aeon Talon, NJO Grandmaster Zac Mistwalker had been captured during the early phases of the war.

Zac facing imprisonment on Korriban.

When the first fleets began to invade Tython several months ago, Master Mistwalker decided to end the battle quickly by striking out against the invading leadership. During the fighting he was able to fly his starfighter through the intense naval battle and land on the flagship of the enemy where he disembarked to find Septus and Talon himself. Aboard the enemy vessel, Master Zac was able to find his enemy, Aeon Talon who he engaged in a lightsaber duel. Exhausted from the fighting and the search that brought him to this place, Master Zac was defeated and taken as a prisoner.

Soon after falling on the flagship, Master Mistwalker was taken to Korriban where was imprisoned and the ritual of trying to turn him to the darkside began. for several weeks he was able to resist the temptations and when chaos broke out between the Robe of the Hand leading to Talon being disposed, Jedi from several conclaves took the opportunity to free Zac.

Master Mistwalker was taken quickly to Yavin IV where KOJ healers administered to him and after several weeks of recovery Master Mistwalker returned to Tython to resume his duties. On a final note he had this to say on the matter, “Once again i owe my life and Tython owes its freedom to the Jedi Order and our Republic Allies. Although the Republic has crumbled into political turmoil the Jedi and republic allies stood side by side to defend the former republic world. this sends a clear message to all imperial and Sith worlds that even if the politicians cannot agree who is and who is not in the Republic, the Jedi Order and its allies will stand firm against Imperial dictatorship, and  the oppression of the Sith will never return.”

Tython Correspondent