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X Play Improves and Expands Kessel Gate

May 17, 2013

GNN reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide visited Kessel Gate, the current headquarters of X Play.

Kessel Gate: X Play has made large strides in improving and expanding their properties in Kessel. Having moved from Nar Shaddaa their large club and entertainment venue, now built-in an old Asteroid mine, has already hosted several large parties and is becoming a stopping point for spacers around the galaxy.

Opening area to the mines below Kessel Gate.

Taking time from the busy schedules, X Play representatives Minx Blade and security officer Sai-Lan were gracious enough to give a tour of the recent developments on the Asteroid. Historically, the large asteroid has been owned by several mining guilds who for the most part operated illegal mines in the sector using forced labour. The extent of the operations have been lost to time though as the mines were abandoned and the Kesesl government took over ownership until it was sold to X-Play. What is known is that an extensive operation did take place, with the large number of old slave barracks and equipment to control them along with the large power generators needed for some rather extensive equipment.  So far X Play has been able to excavate some of the old administrative rooms, barracks along with control and power rooms. The main mine is still sealed off though and scans have been inconclusive as to how deep they go or what was primarily being mined.

For now X Play is going to use the area for storage as well as survey and catalogue the remaining artefacts. After all the research has been concluded then they will make a determination of what to do with the mines, either re-open them or use them for another purpose.

As for the club itself, its been doing quite well and X Play is back on their way to hosting and providing grade A entertainment for the Galaxy.”

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira