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Dathomirian Clan Working Together Against Common Foes

May 20, 2013

GNN Reporters met with several dignatires of different clans and factions meeting with Lady Kia on Dathomir.

A peaceful evening on Dathomir.

“Dathomir: Clan Mother Lady Kia has been hosting several guests recently. As things are more peaceful among the clans of Dathomir, including between the witches and the nightsisters, talks and cooperation have opened up amongst them. For instance Lady Kia and her counterpart, Lady Shan of the Dathomirian Witches have been speaking on matters affecting Dathomir as a whole and possible mutual enemies. This cooperation seems to be improving the security of Dathomir and has allowed the clan to focus on external threats such as the Sith who have been hunting Amarans and Shistavanens on Tantooine.

Some of those attacked for their pelts have been former sisters and witches of Dathomir. On former witch who escaped her ordeal has returned to Dathomir though her daughter is still in danger. This has prompted the clan leaders to discuss with the Amaran leadership about the possibility of an alliance to combat the threat. Only time to tell if and as to what capacity Dathomir will provide aid.

In the meantime, for those with information on the exact identity of the poachers are encouraged to contact the Amarans of Starwind on Tantooine or even leaders on Dathomir.”

-Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira