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Conflict Rising in Mos Eisley

May 28, 2013

A reporter of the Galactic News Network visited Mos Eisley, having been hear of recent incidents.

Starwind in alert

Mos Eisley, Tatooine: The Starwind outpost “Oasis” was the location of a fight between these residenst and a newcomer in Tatooine, the Krayt Consortium. The consortium set up a base in the dunes near the city a few days ago. According to Starwind officers, Krayt came to the Oasis to propose an alliance to the Starwind. As they understood the consortium just wanted the control of the city, they refused and a combat ensued. The Krayt used their ship and even a mandalorian Basilisk during the assault. Starwind was able to defend their outpost but did recieve a couple of injuries and damages to the installations.

After, they fortified the outpost even more to be ready in case of another attack. The access is now strictly controlled and the visitors are checked. They are confident they can stay within their wallsl. Starwind might count on the help of the nearby imperial outpost, with who they had improved relations and who might want to repeal outsider control of the city. Currently outsider groups are already roaming in the city and Starwind officers envision the conflict can degenerate at the scale of the recent war in Tython.

— Daana Kira