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CIS Meets on Zonama Sekot

June 3, 2013

GNN Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide attended a meeting by the Confederation of Independent Planets (CIS) on Zonama Sekot.

Zonama Sekot: The CIS had their periodic meeting on the member world of Zonama Sekot, which was hosted by Magister Salene Lusch and Master Flint Mokeev. Also in attendance were Lady Kia of Dathomir and Gistya Antilles of the Corellian Mining Corporation (CMC). Several guests were also in attendance including officials from Kessel, representatives of X Play, and representatives from Blenjeel.

The meeting started out with a discussion about the situation among the Hutt Countil and their inter-political conflicts. A decision was made to send representatives to meet with the member Hutts such as Issulla to see their status and if the CIS has to provide aid of any sort.

After the talks on Hutt politics the guests were invited to introduce themselves and to speak with the CIS members. Karsa amd Michelle Deerhunter, from the Blenjeel system, came to see about opening up trade with the CIS. Currently they administer a trading outpost on Dathomir and run a company known as Deerhunter trades, which deals mainly in consumables but also in several other goods

The CIS meets outdours on Zonama Sekot.

In addition the Deerhunter clan is spearheading a banking system which may stabilize many systems whose economies have been left in shambles after the several conflicts which have consumed the galaxy in recent history. The CIS members were invited to tour Benjeel and the other Deerhunter holdings as well as investigate research studies conducted by the force-sensitive clan that have led to the discoveries of several rare gems.

After the introductions with the Deerhunter clan, Kaelinn X of X Play spoke with the CIS members about the recent reformation of X Play on an asteroid in the Kessel system. Because of the cost of the endeavour, X Play was looking for financial backing to help finish the mining excavation and bring X Play back to the top of the entertainment business. The CIS seemed very interested in the prospects, especially to help X Play continue with their galaxy events which should be profitable to all parties involved. The CIS will discuss with X Play in greater detail over the coming days.

Before bringing the meeting to an end, Miss Antilles proposed a vote to the CIS over an amendment to their Constitution. The amendment would cover the introduction of member entities who lacked an actual physical presence or who disbarred from full membership for other reasons. This would allow corporation and groups such as Jedi orders to join the CIS and help guide their future without the need to break away from their parent group, find a physical home, or tie up their economies fully with the CIS. However these new classifications of members wouldn’t have the rights of core members and their ability to change CIS plans would be different from that of a normal voting partner. The amendment was received favourably and the vote on it would be the first matter at the next meeting after each member was able to fully study the amendment, make changes to it, and finalize the final draft of it.

With that the meeting came to an end, and the next was confirmed to take place once again on Zonama Sekot in two weeks.

-Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira