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Virtus Caelum colony on Blenjeel

June 5, 2013

Blenjeel desert surface

Reporters of the Galactic News visisted a new outpost on Blenjeel.

A new establishment called Virtus Caelum opened on the deserted planet Blenjeel. The planet itself is filled of sand deserts inhabited by hostile creatures. That’s why the outpost was built in a wide cave network, safe from the danger. The place is occupied by a brotherhood who set up a series of facilities. Llarge dwellings for instance have been built over a underground river. A med lab is being installed while some of the medical devices are being constructed by the colonists themselves. It should be able to handle most cases happening in this isolated world, including those of visitors of the planet attacked by the creatures.

The dwelling

Several other areas are available, such as a cantina and a communication centre. An archaeological room display devices gathered by the colonist in the planet and from other places in the Galaxy. The colonist wish to promote the visit of their outpost, trading with the visitors or with other worlds. A delegation of them attended at the last CIS meeting and they will have to decide how they could work with them. They also have ties with the X Play entertainment company. Maybe they will organise event with them in the future.

Hydroponic cultures

They are growing food in hydroponic cultures inside one of the large cave. The products are designed for the export, notably the wine and a traditionally brew beer. They are also working on a banking system and expect to share it with other worlds. Also for export, are the crystals growing in one of the nearby cave. They’re however not yet equipped to exploit it yet.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide