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New Allegiances at Hutt Night

June 6, 2013

GNN Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide attended the latest Hutt Night on Nar Shaddaa.

Nar Shaddaa: Even amidst internal conflict within the Hutt Council and external with the Jedi, the Hutts still held their periodic public audience known as Hutt Night. This particular night saw Shaka and Yarel the Hutts in attendance along with their majordomos, Morrigan and Sinala who hosted the event.

Crew of the Crimson Talon before the Hutt Council

First to come before the Hutts was the Crew of the Crimson Talon, captained by Sharizar Stormfrost. They came to offer a partnership with the Hutts to engage in a spice trade, whereby the normally high-priced product from Kessel could be had for a cheaper price. The Crimson Talon crew looked for backing and network contacts for their endeavour in exchange for a low price by which the Hutts could obtain the spice. The risk would be going up against the Hutt clans who have fixed the spice in the Kessel system. The Hutt council stated they would provide a loan for the Crimosn Talon crew to begin their venture and to see how profitable it was. Also the other Hutt council members would be briefed on the deal and they along with Hutt allies others may take an even more proactive approach in the deal. How the plan will play out only time will tell.

Krayt Consortium bringing gifts to the Council.

Following the Spice venture, members of the Krayt Consortium of Tatooine came before the Hutts with a gift. Darth Vel along with Captain Cuyan Marev, by hologram, offered the gift of a dead carbonite frozen Hutt, Oodabba, to the council. Oodabba had allied himself with Belutric the Hutt who is in conflict currently with this council. Oodabba had been the latest victim in the Consortium’s bid to take over Tatooine. The council under Shaka recieved the gift gladly and began preparations for it to be displayed. Also a body was produced claimed to be that of the Starwind member who had opposed the Krayt Consortium at the earlier Hutt Night, though positive identification had been made at this time.

As a celebration for the Krayt Consortium’s recent victories, the group will hold parties and a race in Mos Eisley. The race will be held in a few days [[Saturday 3 pm slt]] and an invitation was made to everyone to come and either watch or participate. It seemed that Shaka himself may brave the Tatooine suns and attend.

Sihivus Verne making a proposition to the Hutts.

The final guest for the night was Sihivus Verne who brought forth a proposition for the Hutts. She explained that as business was currently being handled that the threat from the Jedi could never be extinguished. She proposed to the council that she be allowed to install martial law on the Hutt moon and to extend her powers against the enemies of the Hutts. Wary of her speech, Shaka declined her offer, at which point he was told by Miss Verne that her forces were already being put into place and essentially she could do as she pleased since she had the largest force on Nar Shaddaa. With that proclamation Shaka commanded his majordomo, Morrigan to take Verne into custody, though she along with Yarel’s majordomo Sinala were hesitant to act prompting Shaka to push them on the crate to take on Verne while simultaneously being dropped in the Sarlacc Pit below the casino.

Majordomos beginning their slide down to the  Sarlacc Pit.

While the majordomos fought for their lives along with Miss Verne, the Hutts retired and would respond to the outcome at a later time. After barely escaping the Sarlacc pit, the majordomos and Verne seemed to agree upon having talks at a later time. At this time, its unclear whose loyalty is with who, the state of security on the moon, if the Hutts plan to keep these majordomos in employment, and what this means for the future of Nar Shaddaa. GNN will keep on top of the story and bring more details as they unfold.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

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