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Sith Space Station Still Orbits Near Tython

June 10, 2013

Reporters of the Galactic News Network visited a space station over Ashla, a moon of Tython.

Starwind in alert

Tython: Even if the Sith left after the last war in Tython, remnants of their presence are still in the System. Notably a space station, set up as relay over the moon Ashla during the war remains operational. Due to its low energy signature, it went unnoticed after the Jedi victory, but its location was recently discovered.

The station is host to Sith and a military squadron. The commander Darth Serpentis said he’s maintaining the station for “a strategic tactical purpose,” and it’s close enough to the surface to scan for artefact and other things.” Notably Darth Serpentis is looking for an old holocron about alchemy.

Darth Serpentis

The station can also be used to start attacks on the surface. Currently it hails to the New Sith Empire and its army. It’s also an outpost for the Order of the Dark Lords. This station is a fully operational outpost, medbay, conference room, detention area. and a hanger for transport to and from. They know the Jedi and the GAR have detected them, but so far, they had little contact with them.

The relation between the station and Tython might be tense in the future. A reaction of the Jedi and the GAR toward this possible hostile force is expected.