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Ship Attacked over Nar Shaddaa

June 12, 2013

Local correspondant of the Galactic News Network on Nar Shaddaa reported a ship attack.

A spaceship was attacked on the approach of the Nar Shaddaa spaceport. The “Hutt Eclipse” was about to land when she was boarded by an unidentified Corellian Corvet. The Lieutenant Jexx, officer in the ship, alerted the Nar Shaddaa Space Control the boarding party was killing all the crew mate before his signal got lost.

After action reports from the Nar Shaddaa security forces indicated nothing but wreckage where the Hutt Eclipse had once been. Either her reactor went critical or she was destroyed. Nothing is known about what happened to her cargo. No one even knows what the cargo was only that it was probably taken before the ship was destroyed. Security also reports that no survivors were found.

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