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Member changes in the CIS

June 17, 2013

Reporters of the Galactic News went to the CIS meeting in Nar Shaddaa

For the Second time, the Confederacy of Independent System met in the rainforest of Zonama Sekot, under the presidency of the Magister Salene Lusch.

Meeting in the forest

Issulla the Hutt started the first point, claiming Shaka lost his control in Nar Shaddaa, for the benefit of Sihivus Verne. Verne convinced the Hutt to raise the security level in Nar Shaddaa, up to the point her droid troops outgunned the Council. Kaelinn X, a guest from X Play, detailed Verne now had the power in the moon with Yarel the Hutt and some former majordomo. Issulla called for removing Nar Shaddaa from the CIS, because of the coup and the place is now insecure for bussiness. Other member followed, especially since Nar Shaddaa hasn’t sent a representative for quite some time.  Gistya Antilles from the CMC however added Nar Shaddaa could reapply anytime. Only Salene Lusch voted against since Nar Shaddaa on the grounds they should be heard first. The motion, then passed.

Kaelinn X and other representative of the Kessel Gate asteroid were invited by lady Kia from Dathomir and spoke on their concern. They wished to assure the security in the transport of their good. Issualla offered them to use few of her ship. Also they were proposed the status of members of the CIS. They discussed amongst themselves, then with the other members, and eventually accepted. The representatives then voted them as new member.

Lastly, Gystia Antilles proposed a new amendment to the CIS treaty to be read and voted later. This proposal will give a status to Affiliated Groups in the CIS who could advise in their domain of concern. The representatives took the text and the meeting closed.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

  1. Sihivus Verne
    June 17, 2013 at 4:45 PM

    ”I’ve never taken these little gatherings seriously. Shaka is the only hutt with the will to even oppose me, and somehow Issulla’s little tantrum is rewarded among the ignorant public.” ~SV

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