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Dathomir News

June 25, 2013

While opening an office in Dathomir, reporters of the Galactic News discussed with the nightsister Lady Kia.

Some news of the planet Dathomir. The Dreaming river clan led by Mother Shan is moving back to their old keep in the deep of the wood, afar from the other clans while remaining their allies. This return is part of a great quest they followed.

Lady Kia in GNN offices

The City of Aurillia also welcomes a new governor to replace the old one having to leave for business matters. The new governor will share her time with Endor’s moon where she also provides help.

According to Lady Kia, the city needs more physician and record keepers. New security force were hired to secure the city. Many people from different horizons settled in the city and assure it’s prosperity and offer opportunities. Also the trade is working well with the CIS. Dathomir also picked up some of their captain to help the trade with Kessel Gate’s, who requested support in the last CIS meeting.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

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