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Odominic Clan Holds Audience in Kessel Once Again

June 28, 2013

A correspondant of Galactic News Network in Kessel Gate attended to the Odominic Night.

Tonight’s Odominic Night started out with further conflict between the Hutt Council and Sihivus Verne and her followers pushing tension even higher amongst the two groups over the Moon, Nar Shaddaa.

Sinala Lirimaer, majordomor to Yarel the Hutt

The First Speaker was Sinala Lirimaer, Majordomo to Yarel the Hutt Who sought an audience with Issulla to find out more information about the Odominic Clan and if they plan to return to Nar Shaddaa if Verne’s control over the moon were to end. in which the Mighty Hutt Issulla replied that the Council would return if such events came to pass, further adding that if Yarel turned on Verne and supported the Council she would remove the price on his head and Sinala as well. Sinala refused the offer saying “We have no intention of turning on Verne. Her offer is quite tempting, and not something I would turn down.” adding that the Issulla presumed much of her power “for someone in hiding on a rock.” at which point the Mighty hutt corrected the droid that they were in no way hiding, then quickly opening the grate, letting Sinala fall into the pit below then stating “consider the prices on your heads tripled Odominic will pay handsomely.” However the droid was only a shell being controlled by Sinala so it is presumed no real harm came to her.

The next speaker of the night was a one Lieutenant Shala of the Renegade Fleet, whom requested an audience with the Hutt Council saying “I come here to seek the aid of this Hutt Council towards the common goal of removing Verne and restoring order to Nar Shaddaa.” the Lieutenant went on to tell the hutts that the Renegade Fleet has secured the docks on Nar Shaddaa and are trying to push further into the city. Issulla the hutt replied Thanking the Lieutenant on behalf of the Council for their efforts and offered the Odominic navy to assist in the fight. The Lieutenant went on to update the Council on the current situation on the Moon and best course of action, ultimately saying “The Renegade Fleet will hold the docks for as long as we can. It’ll be up to those wishing to aid the removal of Verne on whether or not Imperious is defeated.”

Lieutenant Shala of the Renegade Fleet

Finally Issulla the Hutt made one last announcement before the night came to a close, saying next week Kaelinn ‘Baby Girl’ X will be an honored guest of the Hutt Council to take questions and address business deals concerning Kessel Gate and X Play.

  1. Anonymous
    June 29, 2013 at 1:20 AM

    These damn Hutts don’t learn, do they. They had their kriffing asses kicked out, and now they’re asking for it again. Just lay off, hutts, doing this’ll do you no good.

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