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CIS opens to organisations

July 1, 2013

GNN reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide attended the latest Confederation of Independent Systems on Zonama Sekot.

Zonama Sekot was once again the host for the latest CIS meeting before it rotates to Dathomir in two weeks. In attendance were Salene Lusch and Flint Mokeev of Zonama Sekot, Lady Kia of Dathomir, and Gistya Antilles of the Correllian Mining Corporation (CMC), along with guests, Minx Blade of X Play and Karsa Deerhunter from Deerhunter Trades.

CIS meeting on Zonama Sekot.

Carried over from the last meeting was the matter of allowing groups and other entities, even though they don’t have control of a geographical location, a membership status in the CIS. They would be given certain rights to propose matters and limited voting ability through the use of panels which would meet to vote and bring issues to the whole assembly.

After a debate over the wording and the intent of each amendment a final unanimous vote was made passing the changes to the Constitution. After the vote the CIS members spoke about trade between Nar Shaddaa and Kessel, hoping that the faction fighting between the Hutts and Sihivus Verne didn’t impede trade. Also Miss Antilles brought forth news that troops from Tython had engaged in a conflict with Genosian miners on Korriban. They were pushed back, but the CMC was concerned why they were invading the sovereignty of Korriban and are investigating the matter further. The other members also agreed to watch out for these troops utilizing clone armour and to possibly speak to Tython on the matter.

– Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira