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New Colony in Osadia

July 3, 2013

Reporters of Galactic News met new colonists in Osadia.

Colonists on Osadia

The forests of the forgotten planet Osadia have a new sentient colony. Mandalorians, from clans Kata, Mereel and Ordo, and other individuals such as Krozr’ido’csapla of house Csapla decided to seek their fortune on this planet and to help the colony grow. They will not be without distraction: the famous Club 66 set up a building, far enough from the camp to damper the noise effects of their events. Most dwellings of the residential area are still tents, but low cost prefabricated housing will be ordered to replace them whenever possible.

Osadia landscape

The settlement is a partnership between the mandalorians Kaden Mereel and Krozr’ido’csapla and is organised democratically. New factions will be welcomed and will have their place, especially if they can help the colony by sharing their skills and resources. The Chiss house Csapla told his interest at hiring workers for this purpose.

Club 66 at the forefront of Osadia colonization.

The colonists plan to utilize the resources from the planet, lumber, ore and whatsoever they could find of interest. During their exploration, they also have found out a few archaeological resources such as an ancient temple. They have not yet met hostile locals.

– Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide