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Hutt Night Convenes on Nar Shaddaa

July 5, 2013

GNN reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide attended the latest Hutt Night.

Hutt Night was once again held at the Black Hole Cantina on Nar Shaddaa. With majordomo, Sinala, hosting, the night was overseen by Yarel the Hutt and Sihivus Verne. While the power that be on the moon are still ironing out the new form of government, those wishing to get on the good side of the regime aren’t in short supply.

Hutt Night begins with the offer of a slave girl.

First to come before the leadership was Lynu Laido, owner of the Emporium, who had previously formed a business partnership with Miss Verne and Yarel. To cement their relationship even further, she brought forth a slave girl as a gift for them.  The girl’s name is unknown at this time, but the present seemed worthy to the leaders, and she was left in the care of Miss Laido until she would be handed over to the leaders.

Dathomirian Witch Clan barters for the purchase of the slave girl.

Curiously a representative of the Misty Mountain Witch Clan of Dathomir, on behalf of Lady Lessa, came forward to by the slave girl her owners. The Nar Shaddaan leadership refused for now stating it would be impolite to sell a gift they had just recently received. The offer to buy also prompted others from the crowd to come forward to buy the girl, their offers also rejected for this seemingly popular girl. However her background and fate are a mystery for now.

DOR Imperial Storm Corps. speaks with Miss Verne on the latest military campaigns in the sector.

Finishing out Hutt night, leaders of the Disciples of Ragnos (DOR) Imperial Storm Corps. came before the two leaders. Previously they had allied themselves along with DOR to the Sihivus Verne and her Imperius. General Vinrum explained that they had been monitoring the Renegade Fleet that had allied themselves with from Hutt leadership, but found their force lacking. He was confident the Renegade Fleet would be destroyed in short order. Miss Verne and Yarel seemed please with that news, but were cautious about the amount of presence the DOR military hard brought to the moon’s surface. They were told to keep their forces to a minimum and engage the common enemy in space, though Verne reminded her own people to be cordial to their allies as to end any tension that might be occurring between the factions.

With this final meeting, Hutt Night came to an end.

– Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira