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New Host at the Odominic Audience in Kessel

July 5, 2013

A Local Correspondent filed this report with GNN:

Meeka stands in for Hutt during Kessel audience.

Odominic Night was a short session as the Mighty Issulla the Hutt was not able to attend. Instead Meeka D’lux, newly hired employee of the Hutt, hosted the nights guests explaining the mighty hutt’s absence being a special holiday for the Odominic clan and Issulla  herself was with her fellow clan members celebrating. Meeka D’lux turned away non urgent business, telling them to return tomorrow when the Hutts would be available to hear them, however one guest, Lod Atrox stepped forward to let the Hutt clan know of a Fleet of Star Destroyers that has been dispatched to an undisclosed location, and will be needing fuel, supplies, and passage as their route will bring them through Kessel gate. Meeka reminded the speaker that the Odominic clan were only guests at the gate and such business would be better heard by Kessel gate staff, or owner, Kaelinn X. However Meeka did offer support on behalf of the Hutts as long as the fleet was not trying to pass through one of the blockades the Odominic clan has in place, Inviting Lod Atrox to speak more of the fleet with Issulla her self when she returns tomorrow.

-Kessel Correspondent