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Droid Master sets up base on Kessel Gate

July 7, 2013

Kessel Gate correspondent interviewed Markus Soto while he was busy with his new acquisition.

Markus Soto

Markus Soto, the famous Droid Master from Mos Espa has returned after a long voyage into space and brought back a cargo of Clone War era Battle Droids with him. He said he had found them on a derelict freighter close to the Maw Black Hole Cluster in the Kessel System. Claiming scavenger rights, and since they were found in no man’s land, he collected them and has been slowly extracting them from the freighter. Then he took them to Kessel Gate for refitting.

Droid Shop

He commented most of the droids were in a state of disrepair and needed cleaned and refitted with new parts. Once he’ll have the droid platoon refitted and prepared he plans on selling them as security to anyone interested.

Markus also stated that even though he is busy refitting the battle droids, he likes to take an occasional break and encourages anyone who needs custom droid work to stop by and check out his prices. His shop is located in the mines at Kessel Gate. Anybody interested by this droid can call him for an appointment.