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Report of Imperious Ships attacked

July 7, 2013

Nar Shaddaa correspondant reported another attack against cargo ships.

Reports intercepted by news reporters earlier today indicate that an attack on ships carrying the logo of none other than Sihivus Verne herself was carried out.

Four ships bearing no markings would have hid near the rally point the freighters used to form up before joining up with thier escort ships and heading into hyperspace. During the battle, it was reported that 8 freighters and 2 smaller escort ships able to arrive and attempt to give assistance would have been destroyed.

An attempt to surrender was made by several of the freighters, but it was completely ignored. The ruthlessness of these attacker was shown when all attempts at surrender or attempted contact with the raiders was ignored by the attackers.

The contents of the freighters is not known at this time. It is assumed they were leaving with full cargo holds while living the planet. Blasted droid parts, bodies of canine-like creatures and also needed supplies and luxury items or were reported in the battle area.

The identity of these raiders is as yet unknown but one thing rings as strange. A Corellian corvette was seen in the raiding fleet, similar to the one that attacked the Hutt Ships over Nar Shaddaa a few weeks ago.

An ongoing investigation has as of yet. turned up no evidence except pieces of armor not used by the forces attacked. It is assumed to have come from one of the raiding ships. but has not yet given up any clue as to the identity of the raiders.

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  1. Sihivus Verne
    July 7, 2013 at 4:03 PM

    ”The Liberation Alliance, without a doubt. What they fail to realize is the advantage I have, yet another soon to be in my custody. And even if she isn’t, they’ve lost a valuable piece on the board. Do take into consideration, my intention is not the destruction of -all- of you. One or two of you tend to be rather highly maintained within the shadows of my mind, having earned the right for my personal attention. Hence, I wish to break these two.”

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