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Kidnapping in Dathomir

July 11, 2013

Lady Lessa Witchsong

Reporters of the Galactic News Newtork interviewed a Nightsister in Dathomir.

Met in an ancient temple deep in the forest of Dathomir, Lady Lessa Witchsong, of the Misty Mountain Witch Clan came back on a kidnapping having occurred in that temple.

A woman called Jexxi, prospected to join the clan when she was attacked by a bounty hunter. She was brought to Nar Shaddaa, and was designed to be sold to a slaver. The Nightsisters felt concerned by the abduction of their candidate and tried to negotiate with the Hutt without success.

Ancient temple

The Clan’s attempt failed to resolve peacefully. Not wanting to resort to violence, they’re currently waiting the situation evolve to get the woman back, maybe paying for her freedom.

Such sort of kidnapping are sadly becoming more frequent on the planet, albeit it’s not yet certain they are sponsored by an unique entity.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

  1. Lessa Witchsong (SarahCoven)
    July 11, 2013 at 5:21 PM

    As a clarification, The abduction happened at the Hall of Healing, a neutral space on Dathomir, ran by the Misty Mountain Witch clan, (a clan of Twilight Witches allied to the Nightsisters, but not part of) in front of myself and Lady Kia. The hidden temple is the last part of Dathomir intact, after the scattering, so the interview was conducted there. The temple was a find of importance to both clans, and The Sith, so we have protected it, pending further investigation.
    – Lessa Witchsong of the Misty Mountain Witch clan of Dathomir, now in exile

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