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Odominic Night Sees Increase in Business Talks

July 12, 2013

A local Correspondent covering the Kessel system filed this report:

Gathering to speak with the Hutts.

“This week’s Odominic Night was a particularly busy night as people from all over the galaxy came to seek an audience with the Hutt Council. The first speaker of the night was a one Chakaar, claiming to be the Director of Apotheosis Inc. Chakaar began by giving the Hutts two gifts as a gesture of friendship and lasting profits and business partners. After formalities were finished, Chakaar continued the meeting asking Issulla the Hutt for mining rights to Kessel, it is unclear why, perhaps for a laugh and free credits but Issulla played along with the man’s request pulling out an obviously forged deed to a mine on Kessel, offering to sell it to for ten thousand credits, Chakaar agreed to send half of the credits now, and the rest,  after inspection of the mine. it should be noted that it’s well known the Odominic Clan are Ship builders and have no claim to the planet Kessel or its mines.

Lt. Shala speaking with the Hutts.

The next guest of the night was Lieutenant Shala of the Renegade Fleet, returning to the Hutt Council after her last visit to give an update to the on going struggle to take back Nar Shaddaa from Sihivus Verne, stating “after several conflicts with the Imperial Storm Corps, we have determined them to currently have six star destroyers in operation around the moon.” Issulla assured the Lieutenant that the Odominic Navy led by her lead enforcer, Iskara Kaar was already on its way  and would reach Narr Shaddaa very soon to reinforce the Renegade Fleet. at which point Kaelinn X, owner of Kessel Gate stepped forward offering her support and the use of the Gate as a safe haven for the Renegade fleet to use if needed.

Wasting no time, Meeka D’lux called up the next speaker a Mandalorian by the name of Lok who proceeded onto the stage offering the sale of a double bladed lightsaber claiming the it belonged to a Master Jedi. Issulla seemed uninterested in the item but out of curiosity asked who the lightsaber belonged to. The Mandalorian could not give a name, saying “…I didn’t exactly ask his name when I shot him multiple times … in the body … with a high powered blaster … then dumped him in a river…”  but gave a detailed description of the Jedi, as many on lookers in the audience claimed this could be none other then Marsh Solo. After the offer was rejected to buy the lightsaber the Mandalorian made a quick exit of starlight room.

Levineff Praxis before the Hutts.

Continuing the night, a man named Levineff Praxis took the stage next, only asking a question of the Mighty Hutts, if they knew of a place where he and his own could settle, saying the place had to be fortified easily and somewhere as far away from Sith as possible, saying “That is what my organization is being brought up for…to destroy them by any means necessary”  referring to the Sith.  The Hutt Council were unsure on how, or even why they should help the man. The Mighty Hutts decided they needed prof of his intent, and to gain favor with them before they could consider helping the man. Sending Levineff to retrieve the Lightsaber from the Mandalorian Lok, who left with it just moments before. Levineff accepted the task and left the stage.

Capt. Sharizar before the Hutts.

The last Speaker of the night was Captain Sharizar Leader of the Crimson Talon Pirates. However the meeting was requested to be private and to be kept out of the GNN news under threats of death, so not much can be said about the meeting.”

— Kessel Correspondent

  1. July 12, 2013 at 6:08 PM

    *Reads the article with a hearty laughter* “If the Renegade Fleet is resorting to lies, then it is truly in the Hutts best interest to remain away from Nar Shaddaa. My naval battlegroup has engaged the Renegade Fleet, and while we surely have suffered the loss of capital ships, to say that we have only 6 left is an understatement. More are coming… And while you claim to have the upper hand to give Issula false hope, you forget to mention that your own fleet is reduced to a mere 2 Venator-Class Star Destroyers and a handful of corvettes! The Imperial Navy now moves to overwhelm your docks and there is nothing the inferior Odominic Navy can do to stop you’re Captains eventual demise. A fair warning to Kessel, while we respect your neutrality in this war. If you begin to harbor the Renegade Fleet and support the Hutt retaliation. We will have no choice but to assume you as enemy combatants. This is your only warning.”

  2. master solo
    July 12, 2013 at 7:17 PM

    I will say this yes I was attack by a mando who ask for my lightsaber. it was a saber that built many years ago and im the only one that knows how to use. I tried to tell that to the mandalorin but he did not give up on me when I told him I was the only one that can use it. We did have a battle and yes he did knock me out but never throw me in the river on yavin. however I did go into a deep medative state to heal my woundesd after that battle I had with the mando and I am still healing. My healing team on tython is still takng care of me right now with all the gsw wounds I had gotten and I am very much alive

    • Hierarch Praxis
      July 13, 2013 at 12:57 AM

      “Oh my, I had thought you were dead Master Solo. I am glad to hear that you are alive and recovering.”

  3. faardor
    July 13, 2013 at 7:42 AM

    We take them for trophies usually. It doesn’t matter if you are the only one who can use it. Still to sell off a trophy like that, I don’t know about that… not something I would do unless it was for a job maybe. But I am not the type to draw out random fights for no reason. And if I do take something from the person I beat I wouldn’t sell it. That would just make me a common street criminal.

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