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Security Matters At the Forefront of CIS Talks

July 16, 2013

GNN reporter Rakiko Lowtide attended the latest meeting of the Confederation of Independent Systems (CIS).

“After having met on Zonama Sekot for their previous meetings, the leadership of the CIS has rotated to their new member of Kessel Gate. In attendance was Issulla the Hutt, Salene Lusch and Flint Mokeev of Zonama Sekot, Gistya Antilles of the Corellean Mining Corporation (CMC), and Minx Blade representing Kessel Gate. However several other members were not in attendance, most notable Lady Kia of Dathomir. Her absence began the talks for the night.

CIS meeting on Kessel Gate.

Miss Antilles informed the leadership that hyperspace routes to Dathomir have been closed off either by design or by natural phenomenon. Furthermore, the reason and cause is not yet determined as communications with the system have been disconnected as well. There was concern as no word has been given on the whereabouts or status of Lady Kia or any of the clans that make Dathomir their home. Miss Antilles was also concerned that she hadn’t been able to communicate with her mining operations that were working with Lady Kia. This includes the mining facility itself and the support freighter dispatched to that system.

The rest of the membership was also concerned with this news and most members vowed to dispatch investigators to the system to obtain all the details of the closure and to gain information of the status of Dathomir in the CIS now. Miss Antilles has already sent two rescue ships to recover their freighter but as of yet they’ve only made their way Quelii Sector with further hyperspace travel being exceptionally dangerous to Dathomir at the moment. The exact causes are being investigated.

In addition with the problems on Dathomir, other security concerns were raised such as increased pirate activity along confederal trade routes and around member systems such as Zonama Sekot. Security had been mainly handled on a local matter since the controversy over the CIS security contract that had once been awarded to the Revenant Armada but that others had tried to win once the contract came up. Because of conflicts amongst the bidders and amongst the bidders and outside forces the matter was put off several times and no lasting security contract had been renewed though the CIS was confident that its members forces could handle the security they needed.

Because of increased chaos in the galaxy and rampant piracy this may no longer be the case and Issulla the Hutt raised the question of the security contract once again. In the meantime she will dispatching some of her forces to help bolster security for other members. She will also enter into talks with other groups such as the Renegade Fleet about providing security. Miss Antilles also proposed she will invite Admiral Abyssus to come speak on the current condition of the Revenant Armada and their willingness to bid for the security contract once again.

Adding the cause for increase security was the concern that a group of armour wearing mercenaries hailing from Tython had attacked certain CIS interests. The membership agreed to send an envoy to Tython to discuss the matter as well as a representative to speak with the GAR on the matter.

With the vote on security matters being put off until investigations were run as will as the matter of Dathomir’s status for the next meeting, this CIS meeting came to a close.

-Rakiko Lowtide