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Search of the Droid Core

July 25, 2013

A reporter of the Galactic News Network discussed with Kaelinn X in Kessel Gate.

Kaelinn X

Markus Soto, a famous droid expert, is looking for the Droid Core. The Droid Core is a belief all the droids regardless their makers are connected together by some mystical ability. Markus recently found an army of ancient droids to be repaired and established his workshop in Kessel Gate. Looking for more evidence, maybe an artifact, Markus requested the help of Issula the Hutt in her last audience. As a reaction, Kaelinn X, a tenant of the Kessel Gate, will sponsor the “Search of the Droid Core” event with a credit reward.

So far, the known hints are few. They can be examined in Soto’s workshop located in the old mines in Kessel Gate. The treasure hunters wanting to claim the reward will have to follow the tracks that can leads them anywhere in the Galaxy, then bring their discovery, if any to Kaelinn X.

– Daana Kira

  1. July 25, 2013 at 11:12 AM

    /me reads the morning addition of GNN.. picks up her holopad and adds a few notes: “Actually… the Kessel Gate authorities and I are looking for the Droid Core independently of Mr Markus Soto… but like the others who have made deals with the self proclaimed Droid Master, so have we and are offering a reward to the person who brings it back to Kessel Gate first.. just to be clear.”

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