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Odominic night goes private

July 26, 2013

The correspondant of Galactic News Network in Kessel Gate reported the Odominic Night.

Odominic Night once again at Kessel Gate saw an interesting turn of events. First came the traditional public meeting followed by a much longer series of private behind closed door meetings with Issulla Odominic, Meeka D’Lux and Rolga the Hutt in attendence.

First up for the public meeting was Master Marsh Solo with some information he promised last week at Odominic Night concerning attacks on the CIS world of Korriban. Master Solo reported that he had not been able to find any evidence such attacks ocured, or at least none that were recorded. He then asked if Odominic had heard any news of his missing saber and Odominic replied negatively.

Glimpse of the private meeting

The next person to bring public buisness to Odominic Night was Zinger, owner of the Rocket Down cantina on Kessel Gate. She said she was organizing a Pazzak tournament and offering cash prizes. Odominic agreed it sounded like a fun way to make some bank or maybe even run the bank, everyone agreed to discuss further since the launch date was still a little ways off.

And with that Meeka announced the public meetings over and dismissed the crowd so the private talks could begin. We spotted three people enter the chamber… a Mandalorian dressed in all black, later a lone female figure and finally what appeared to be Pinky, who was Gilbar the Hutts old Majordomo, but as to what was actually discussed we can only speculate.