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Apotheosis Corp Reopens Skyway Lounge On Nar Shaddaa

July 28, 2013

GNN Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide visited the refurbished Skyway Lounge on Nar Shaddaa.

Nar Shaddaa:  After a suicide bomber destroyed much of the original club, the Skyway Lounge is once again open after being refurbished. Located in the Upper Level of the main city square, the Skyway Lounge is one of businesses associated with the Apotheosis Corporation. Distinguishing itself from the several establishments by opening its doors to all visitors, the club which is owned Esra has created an atmosphere whereby patrons can relax without being confronted by nude pole dancers or spice dealers which are common in most of the establishments in the area. The goal of the club is to reach a broad audience and create an atmosphere of belonging.  Several services are provided b the establishment including a wide range of beverages and entertainment plus easy access to other services provided by Apotheosis Corp.

Skyway Lounge

Sparrow Valdís, a representative of Apotheosis Corp, spoke with GNN about the club and other economic ventures the Corporation was involved in. She’s currently helping to reopen the Skyway Lounge and was able to relay some of the details as to the bombing that had shut it down. A suicide bomber had entered the club a week prior and an explosions was set off. Several people were injured by the bartender at the time Emma lost her life. As for the motive, its unclear at the moment, but Miss Valdis believes it was the work of one of the clubs competitors. Private investigators are on the job to find those responsible, while security at the club has been strengthened. Since the club has a fighting ring, which is being rebuilt, for sport future bombers will find a much tougher clientele.

Apotheosis Corp. takes seriously threats to itself or its partners. It stands by the Skyway Lounge and has made it one of the cornerstone corporations providing a relaxation point to several of its other business, most notably transportation, trading services especially along  the Correllian Trade Spine, Kessel,  and Rimma Trade Routes and ware-housing services. They also connect business with customers around the galaxy and prides itself on its networking capabilities. Furthermore they also help connect employers with employees, many of which are specially trained by Apotheosis Corp. Whatever business one may have, Apotheosis Corp. can probably provide services to take it to the next level.

In addition to its economic ventures, the Apotheosis Corp. also provides charitable services, such as providing mining droids for several projects across the galaxy. If your business or organization has a need, Apotheosis Corp. can help. Contact Sparrow Valdis, or one of the Corp’s representatives for more information.”

-Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira