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Lord Desolise calls for a Golden Age of Sith

July 28, 2013

On Umbra, Lord Desolises released a message over the holonet network, which was picked up by a local GNN feed. His unedited message to Umbra, the Sith, The Galactic Empire, and the Galaxy at large has been re-transmitted and is as followed:

Lord Desolise

My Brothers, Sisters even those who would live under the falsehood of the extreme Republic.  I am Lord Desolise, by now I a sure you have heard of the Citadel of Darkness on Umbara.  It is not my attempt to crown myself Emperor of any Empire.  Nor become part of the now circus known as the Emperor Wars, where several Sith are trying to make a dash for self proclaimed glory.  I will not announce how I control several planets and that my will is law.  Instead I invite you to Umbara, with an open hand.  As long as you come here with a willingness to see the Empire of the Sith in all its glory then you will always be welcome.  I search for that day when a unified Sith rule the Galaxy, bringing peace to all.  The founding Sith Empire, on Byss, is in my view a example for all Sith to look to for the great heritage of the Sith.  An once we had a great example of the Galactic Empire located on Kuat.   It is unfortunate what circumstances occurred on Kuat that would make the Galactic Empire fragment, but I am determined to uphold the military might which is the Galactic Empire here on Umbara.  I ask that any Sith worth their title with rational plans to reform the Galactic Empire, please do not hesitate to contact me.  I am calling upon you to bring peace to the Galaxy.

Do you think this is by chance, mistake or out of some lack of impulse control? Some would try to convince you of that and that you should feel ok about feeling so uncertain.  Mystifying the week minded with a display of powers beyond common comprehension. The Force, this mystical power.  Do you honestly think that you can sit there and say you are any safer today then you were yesterday or going to be tomorrow? You go through your life, blinders on, only doing what you think you need to do, to get through your day. Are you living to live or living to survive? Do you require Peace through strength, or do the Jedi, the ones who would crave any power another can master and have as their own, would rather subjugate you with words through weakness!?

The Republic, for whatever it was worth, is nothing more now then a story, passed down through the ages.  And, as with any great story, it has come to fruition. The Golden Age of The Sith, has not just arose out of no where, by accident, mistake or lack of impulse control.  Those who would futility try and attempt to resist the Golden Age of The Sith Empire, would tell you, “No!”.  We have always been here, before there was the light, before this light had evasively found its way into the unwanted sectors of space and planets controlled once by the mighty Empire of the Sith.  With any invasive species, also seeking to hunt down the Golden Age of The Sith and wipe the Sith out, all of them.  Effectively wiping out an entire culture of beings.  It must be stopped in its tracks, beaten to the punch and preemptively struck upon before the Jedi, who sit casually, and plan to strike their unwarranted destruction upon the Sith.  I say, “No more and  never again!”  The Golden Age of The Sith was here long before this delusional, warped perception the Jedi would call, “The light side.” was here and the Golden Age of The Sith will be here long after this, so called, “light”, is gone and for good.  The only light that will continue to shine is the intense, continued charge of energy felt through the Force, being produced by the countess Sith in the far reaches and darkest depths of the Galaxy.  Any attempt to meet the Sith, violently or with aggression, will undoubtedly be met with the same and delivered by every Sith in every known and unknown corner of the Galaxy.  We know that before us there was the Darkness.  Always present, always vigilant and always aware of us.  As we stand, present before it, we Sith know and are fully aware of the causality of Strength, Power, and how it is to wield such control, resonating with the true nature of the Golden Age of The Sith.

“Be bold and bring Peace to the Galaxy.” – Lord Desolise

The Sith, and only The Sith, are the cure to this disease known as Jedi.  Complexity is something that is inherently created and used in the most convenient times when the Jedi need to explain their actions.  “There is always more to it.”, they would say to you, trying to convince you of your ignorance and apprehension.  Knowledge is power, I say.  The Jedi constantly crave control of any power greater then them, especially if that power happens to be not their own.  Why would a Jedi tell you to be afraid of such power wielded from a Sith using the force, and yet try to openly practice this, “dangerous” activity.  If it is so dangerous, why do the Jedi self proclaim to be the only ones who can successfully practice it?  The Force is no more dangerous then the person using it.  In the hands of a crazy person, like those who would use these same powers to wipe the Sith out, like the Jedi.  Then yes it is definitely dangerous.  Children sticking their fingers into a open electrical conduit never learn till they get struck down, sometimes it takes being struck down over and over again.  These Jedi children don’t understand what they play with or claim to be masters of.  They would ensnare, those weak minded enough, with assurances not thought possible without the aid of the Jedi.  Making the weak minded reliant upon the Jedi so much, that it should be no surprise, the Republic became crippled by the Jedi’s acts of reliance.  The Jedi way or no way at all?  All beings in the Galaxy will become dependent on them!!  Requiring, the only other greater force in the Galaxy, the Sith, to step in and once and for all stop the Jedi menace.

“The Road to the Darkside is paved with good intentions” – Lord Desolise

As you know, the Sith ensure that all the inhabitants in the Galaxy become strong enough to fend for themselves.  Some might try to tell you that, “You don’t need the Sith.” and “Look how you can barely take care of yourself.  You would never survive without the Jedi, or Republic!.”  That my friends is fear mongering!! The Jedi teach their students to fear emotions, fear power and never be swayed by personal feelings.  Otherwise said like this, “Stay subjugated to my will alone and if you question my authority you will be dealt with as a threat to any statues of a singular controlled order.”  This is not what anyone needs, nor is it what I offer.  Anything equal to another thing or similar things are equal to each other, that is fair and justice.  The Jedi would claim they solely are the only ones who should have the power and control another might have, especially if it is greater then their own.  For once down any path besides their own, they believe you are to weak and will be consumed, turned mad and become a mindless brute.  “The Sith will make you cold and distant to the world”, they tell you.  The Sith would be depicted to be mindless brutes who give into their feelings and emotions and make nothing better for anyone inhabitant of the Galaxy, we would be no better then animals in a fit of rage, locked up and put down, if the Jedi had their way.

“Oh how the mighty have fallen.” – Lord Desolise speaking of the Jedi

When most knowledgeable people see the Jedi, they see them living on their heavily guarded worlds, in exile, remarking only to the Galaxy when it becomes convenient to them and only from the safety of their chambered temples.  The Sith teaches us to use our emotions to enhance the Force, honing our abilities so that we can bring into fruition our means. The Jedi think that the force is a all knowing all seeing justifier and all mighty ruler of the Galaxy, whos wisdom is without boundires.  Who are you to be told that you are so weak minded enough that you should follow the voices in someones head telling you how you should live, making you even more dependent upon them for any sort of future, that you are told to live.. For the Sith know that the force is merely a tool to be used to our means, and you can learn to use it just as any Jedi can and perhaps as great as a Sith someday as well to be the master of your own universe and not a victim of circumstances.

“Knowledge brings understanding, Understanding brings peace – Knowledge – Understanding – Peace, in that order, anything else is just complexity.  Complexity is a man made thing, and as any man made thing it is easy for us to use as a convenient excuse why we don’t understand somethings.” – Lord Desolise

The Jedi fear power, because the Jedi are the only ones who want to have any power. The Sith embrace the search for power, because we want everyone to have their own power, even you who still live under the dependence of the Jedi, I am especially speaking to you, lowest city worker of any world, wondering where their next meal will come from. That is no way to live!! To fuel that power with emotions, makes sure that the powers you have are used for the stabilization of civilized peace. Civilized enough to fight for the ones you love, or against those you hate and always ensure that you are on the right path. There is more that makes us more alike each other, through our desires, ambitions and goals, that the Sith wish to encourage, then the fears, frustrations and panic the Jedi would lead you to believe drive us apart!!

“The only thing the Jedi fight, are those that would challenge the power they crave and to stay in control of for themselves.  They wish others to live by their example of words through weakness.” – Lord Desolise

Is there really any choice? Is it obvious which path is the right one to follow.  We need a strong, unified Sith Empire, no matter what happens.  This is how it is supposed to be. Not by accident or luck and certainly not by being judged on what we have done, or what sitting idly by doing nothing will accomplish, like the Jedi, tucked away safely in their council chambers while the Galaxy cries out for a strong leader.

No my friends, I do not come to you by chance.  I come to you with the open hand of peace through strength, and vow to bring an end to the plague known as the Jedi who would only see you live under there dependence, I wish you to be able to take care of yourselves, fight for yourself and I make no excuses for my actions.  Excuses are for people who can not come up with facts to back up their reasoning, instead I live by the testament of time. The proof is out there, in the solidarity and strength that is the Golden Age of the Sith Empire.

– Lord Desolise

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  1. Haden Gnar
    July 28, 2013 at 1:58 PM

    “The Galaxy is not so ignorant to believe that *YOU* Sith can be trusted. And I quote: “The Road to the Darkside is paved with good intentions” – Lord Desolise. Need I go on? Unfortunately for you, the galaxy’s citizenry has been exposed to the ‘Sith way’ publicly. Therefore your intentions have been exposed as far from good.”

    There was a brief pause before continuing on…

    “The citizens of the galaxy have *NOT* forgotten what the Sith of any Empire has done. Bombarding worlds with your evil, spreading your darkness every which way you possibly can. We the citizens *WILL NOT* forget. And we have risen to a greater force that you would claim.”

    -Concerned Citizen of the Galaxy

    • Causidicus
      July 30, 2013 at 5:36 PM

      Isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think? It’s like raaaa-iiiii-nnnnnn on your wedding day.”

  2. Kasmiel
    July 29, 2013 at 4:15 PM

    Another fruitless attempt to stir a long dead fire that is the Sith Religion.

    • NC-304
      July 31, 2013 at 7:17 AM

      That sounds very reminiscent to the talk of the Jedi before Palpatine’s rule.
      My, my, how history repeats itself.

  3. elderyodaniii
    August 1, 2013 at 8:44 AM

    “I personally will see to it this raving pychopath so called ‘golden age’will never come to be this new empire and their new So called pychopathic Emperor have constantly caused many damages to my fellow Rebel,Jedi’s homes and have and hunted my Family like wild beasts among many other things ..It was I who heavily damage Kuat for they captured my very own grandson and his son and I will be sure to take charge for this Sith’s reign to come to a end..My Rebels and spy will be watching you Lord Desolise and the planet of Umbara..”

    Holo feed fades and GRAE’s symbol flashes on the screen

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