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Announcements, Entertainment and Business at Odominic Night

August 2, 2013

A correspondant of the Galactic News Network attended to the Odominic Night in Kessel Gate.

Meeka and Issulla

A large crowd gathered at the StarLight for Odominic Night. Meeka D’lux took the stage to give a speech about the current state of the Odominic clan and all other clans that previously formed the Hutt Council on Nar Shaddaa, saying “Once there was a mighty force in the galaxy known as the Hutt Council… so many wise and powerful Hutts… Darmutta, Belutric, Issulla, Jengaz, Gilbar… even Shaka. But then came a great rift that tore asunder… split the council… made Hutt fight Hutt and place bounties on one time business partners… and Nar Shaddaa was lost in the chaos. Now the once Mighty Hutt Council is fragmented… almost lost to the galaxy. Only Issulla remains to protect the sacred name and ways of the Hutt Council… a Hutt in exile. A clan outcast.. Odominic. Our clan perseveres.. over comes.. and even though the Hutt Council on Nar is a fading memory.. from the ashes raises the next chapter. Issulla the wise.. the grand.. the powerful. The Hutt Council is not dead, what has happened on Nar Shaddaa is but a flesh wound, and chance to reform and rebuild, and learn from the mistakes Shaka has made. Odominic welcomes growth”

Kaelinn X

Meeka called up the first speaker of the night to be heard by the Mighty Issula the Hutt. Kaelinn X took the stage to give further details on the Pazaak tournament that was announced last week, being held at the Rocket Down Cantina on Kessel Gate. Kaelinn announced the schedule of the event ((first session 12th, then every Monday at 7pm SLT)) The house will add 100 credits to the pot for every player that signs up and winner takes all. Adding that any and all side betting will be encouraged.

Darth Obilvion

The next speaker was a one Darth Oblivion who was a little unclear of what he wanted but mentioned he was sorry to hear about Gilbar the Hutt’s demise and asked if the Odominic clan wanted to take over Gil’s contract. Issulla replayed by inviting him to talk in private at a later time then called a night to an abrupt end, because the hutt was not feeling well. Meeka closed the night asking everyone to please wish Issulla well and that Odominic business will continue next week as always.