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Starwind Hosts Ball on Tatooine

August 12, 2013

GNN Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide attended a ball held by the Starwind organization on Tatooine.

Several showed up in their best attire to the Starwind ball.

Mos Eisley, Tatooine: The organization known as Starwind, which was formed to help Amarans and other aliens in need of a home, recently held a ball to commemorate their goals and friendship with other organizations as well as those that have helped over the years. Originally planned to boost the morale of Starwind members, Gryff also invited several groups to raise awareness for the challenges met by the group and Amarans in general. Invited were the Grey Order, KOJ, DJE, and the Imperial Garrison which has base in Mos Eisley. Gryff stated that these groups all shared some of the ideas that Starwind expresses and wished to celebrate their friendship.

Starwind started out helping Amarans displaced on Tatooine but has grown and now fights the ever-present discrimination that Gryff stated afflicated his people specifically and discrimination of all species in general. Over his lifetime he’s seen countless atrocities committed against several races and knows full well the brunt his people have faced. He hopes that Starwind is providing an opportunity to help those displaced, attacked, or oppressed just because they are Amaran.

Kepora the youngling.

From the general atmosphere and the talk of several of the guests it seems Starwind is living up to their goal. For example, a young Amaran by the name Kepora related his story. The young-ling had been with his parents when they stopped in Mos Esley. They left the young boy on the ship but failed to ever return. their whereabouts or status have been lost to the sands of the desert planet. Without support the young-ling resorted to petty crime to survive, but was finally taken in by Starwind where he was given a home. Now the young-ling is prospering and hope to help others like he was and is forever grateful to Starwind. His story was one of several who have been a given a second lease on life by this organization.


Starwind itself has grown by leaps and bounds since its establishment and may soon branch out to other systems to help Amarans throughout the galaxy. They’ve also become experienced at fighting those that have attacked them and Amarans in general and are utilizing that experience to help the Imperial Garrison bring law and order to Tatooine. In addition they’ve found that several of their beliefs coincide with those of the Jedi and have formed favorable relationships with several orders.

The ball exemplified the camaraderie felt in the organization, their prosperity and their openness to salute  and congratulate their allies. For one night at least the worries of the galaxy were placed at the doorstep and people enjoyed the drink, food, dance, entertainment and most importantly each other.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira