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Odominic Night Overload

August 16, 2013

A correspondant of the Galactic News Network attended at the Odomonic Night in Kessel Gate.

Again a large crowd gathered at the StarLight in Kessel Gate to do buisness with the remnants of the mighty Hutt Council. In attendance were Issulla Odominic and Rolga Bareesh and their majordomos Pinky, Junga and Sil’oola along with Odominic Underboss Meeka D’Lux.

The night started with announcements by Issulla the Hutt: “In the interest of saving resources I have decided to end all bounties I have placed as of this moment this includes bounties placed on Yarel the Hutt, his majordomo Sinala, Verne and Shaka’s former Majordomo Morrigan. Also as of this moment I am mandating the Odominic Navy to begin patrols of the Odominic controlled trade routes and retreat to a stable orbit of Sleheyron.” she continued “It is better not to waist funds and resources by chasing these people.”

Captain Grayson and Issula

With the ending of the official announcement, Bareesh Majordomo Junga called up the first speaker Captain Grayson of the Renegade Fleet. He recounted recent events on Nar Shaddaa, including how the capture of Sihivus Verne had left Nar Shaddaa and Imperious in a state of disarray. this would leaving a power vacuum with various insiders making a grab for power. He also brought up a second point that the Imperial Strom Corps seemed to have been evacuated, and have ceased hostilities towards the Renegade Fleet and their positions. Captain Grayson then said that the Renegade Fleet plans on pressing into the city to engage pockets of insurgents still loyal to Imperious. It was the wishes of Captain Grayson to get the Hutt Council to help restore peace and prosperity to Nar Shaddaa. The Hutt Council discussed the current stat of affairs on Nar Shadda and decided to further chat with Captain Grayson in private about the matter and the Hutts involvement, showing no respect for the authority of Yarel the Hutt who worked with Sihivus Vern and is still on Nar Shaddaa. A private meeting was scheduled.

Captain Grayson and Issula

Next up was Serpentis Chairman of of the Ferensis Corporation. He came to request safe passage for the Ferensis Corp’s ship the Altorice Yannah threw Hutt controlled space. He further explained that the ship in question was ship is a cruse ship offering many luxuries that would perhaps interest the Hutts and their clients. Issulla replied that the Odominic blockades have ended, however transport of good threw Hutt space without paying the proper tariffs would be punished. Serpentis stated that they were not a cargo ship but a leisure liner. Rolga stated that the boarding of ships in Hutt space looking for controband is to be expected. The Hutts and Serpentis agreed that a 5% tariff is fair and that inspections abord the ships would be treated as guests. The Hutt Council happy with this arrangement had the contract drawn up.


Jektzur No-Tribe an armored Jawa representing the well known Jawa Mafia of Mos Espa was called up next to speak before the Hutt Council. He explained that he had a plan to move spice from Kessel to Kessel gate and into the galaxy but needed financial backing to get it going big time. Issulla made him an offer he declined, and when he declined saying he would talk to the owners of the space port for backing she tried to have him dropped in the sewage pit he barely escaped by igniting his jet pack and flying to the door spouting cuss words and saying the Jawa Mafia is not to be duped.

Unnamed Mandaloriand and his escort

Next came up an unnamed Mandalorian and a heavily armored being. While Meeka seemed distracted by the heavily armored one. Issulla talked business in confusing complex tones, things may only have been understood by the two parties involved. While Odominic and the unknown parties talked business, Meeka agreed that she wanted to buy some pottery from the hulking armoured one, and told the Majordomos to collect info to make it so.

Ketra Deesray Solus

The next order of business was Ketra Deesray Solus, who told about her new venture Planetary Express, a courier company based on New Alderaan. She offered deliveries to the Hutt Council at 75% off, promising to deliver anything to anyone anywhere in the galaxy. She then admitted that she was also here to make the proclaimation so she could get some GNN coverage as she was looking for both employees and clients. Rolga asked about taxes owed by transporting such Hutt controlled goods, and Ketra said she would glady pay whatever was fair.


In tradition with Odomonic Night the evening suddenly went private so as not to give away secrets to the media and public. Mostly the discussions where about the missing Gilbar the Hutt’s holdings, and how Odominic now owned all of his contracts. First up to discus this issue was a Sith named Zarathos who owns a club on Malrev 4 that was currently managed by Gilbar, Odominic said they now owned the contract and would review taking it over in Gilbar’s place. Also discussed where other private holdings once owned by Gilbar that now Odominic would assume and honor the contracts after proper review.

Dina’aswan Song

Then Meeka again called some one out of the crowd, Dina’aswan Song, a long time partner of Gilbar. Meeka asked if she would continue Gilbar’s work for Odominic and she agreed happily taking her spot back on the Mighty Hutt council. Meeka named her as a liaison between the council, loyal to all and working for all.

Lastly, and after a long night Meeka called up this mystery person and had some exchanges with him. About what we cannot say.

With the night finally at and end, and after the guests had left, the Mighty Hutt Council once more called up Captain Grayson for a private meeting that was closed doors to the media.
(( Odomominic Night happens every Thursday at 7pm slt ))