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Odominic Night discusses Nar Shaddaa

August 25, 2013

A correspondant of the Galactic News Network went in Kessel for the Hutt Council audience.

The remnants of the Mighty Hutt Council met in Kessel Gate to hold a large public audience followed by private meetings. In attendance was Odominic Overlord Issulla the Hutt, Rolga the Hutt of newly elected into the Hutt Council Bareesh clan, Meeka D’Lux, Minister of Propaganda for the Mighty Hutt Council, Dina’aswan Song, Hutt Council Liaison, and Majordomos PinkyseskSuri and Junga Al-DajJunga Al-Daj. Dancers were provided by Ferensis Corporation.

The night started with a reminder from Issulla about the increased tariffs for goods transported through Hutt Space especially those using the Sleheyron corridor.
First called up by Pinky was a Zeltron. She showed some confusion as to why she was being called up having not asked to speak. The Mighty Hutt Council just wished to note her attendence and she was dismissed back into the crowd.

Issualla and Meeka

As is becoming a seeming tradition, Meeka D’Lux spotted a blue colored Hutt with blood shot eyes in the crowd and asked Pinky to call him up first. Pinky identified the Hutt as Magus the Hutt and called him to step forward. When the Hutt neglected to step before the Council and stand on the grate Meeka stepped down to confront him. Magus the Hutt stated he was only there to observe, but both Rolga and Meeka felt otherwise before Meeka pushed in with a few questions. She started by accusing him of starting a new Hutt Council on Nar Shaddaa, and then asked him to tell the Mighty Hutt Council of the plans and who he worked for if not the real, original Hutt Council that left Nar Shaddaa. Issulla then asked what Hutt Clan Magus belonged too. He replied he worked for himself and himself alone, and accused Meeka of being mislead. Rolga, still suspicious asked why he came to Odominic Night. Magus stated that he came to see the politics between the two Councils, the one on Kessel Gate and the one on Nar Shaddaa for the pursuit of his own business ventures. Still suspicious, Meeka asked what his business is and what the other Hutt Council had offered him. As chaos broke out in the crowd with people talking out of place and offering up their opinions Issulla had to ask for order in the chamber, and Meeka’s question was lost in the chaos. Issulla then stated she would not turn down a possible ally and ordered the blue Hutt be served food and drinks and made at home while the Mighty Hutt Council went about business.

Ayeka kell

Next Pinky called up Morrigan, former Majordomo to Shaka the Hutt. As she stood on the grate she addressed Issulla personally, making an offer that Issulla would be allowed back on Nar Shaddaa under the conditions that she and the remnants of the Hutt Council make a public apology for their actions. While the Council underlings scoffed and made remarks under their breath, Issulla thanked Morrigan and perhaps Nar Shaddaa for eleminating Shaka’s threat to her own business, and that perhaps instead of placing bounties on Morrigan and the people responsible she perhaps should have thanked them for doing her work for her. Morrigan then stated she had an idea, but the exact details should be discussed with Yarel the Hutt, still in Nar Shaddaa. Issulla asked if Morrigan now worked for Yarel, and Meeka pointed out how quickly Yarel allowed Verne to take control of Nar Shaddaa, in fact, helping the conquering of Nar Shaddaa. Morrigan was unshaken, stating that she was just here to inform the Hutt Council of Yarel’s proposal. She then went on to exclaim that a Council does indeed now rule Nar Shaddaa. A few more words were exchanged about the current state of the moon and it’s current ruling class, and then Morrigan reminded the Council that they all have bounties on their head on Nar Shaddaa unless they agreed to the terms that she was stating. Despite the general tone of the Council, Issulla agreed to meet with Yarel in the prospects of business at a later date and asked the next speaker be called up.


Ayeka Kel was called up next. She came to inform Issulla that she was happy with the current contract she held with Odominic and her want to expand it. Issulla asked what she came to sell, and Ayeka stated that she had some advanced ion weapons, some fighters and bombers plus a bunch of recycled materials from Raxus Prime for sale. Issulla stated that she was interested and Ayeka promised to supply a catalogue of available items. Ayeka also promised to have a squadron of the star fighter and bombers available for testing at a later date. Both parties agreed and Issulla called the public meeting to an end.
The crowd was then called to disperse and The Mighty Hutt Council then conducted it’s regular closed door meetings with various people being called up to speak one by one.
And with that another Odominic Night came to an end until next time.