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Press Release: Master Questi Found Alive

August 25, 2013

Galactic News Network received the following press release

New Alderaan: The body of reknown Jedi Master Mass Questi was discovered on Nar Shaddaa two nights ago, and brought to an undisclosed location on New Alderaan. The Master, long thought dead following his apparent demise at the hands of Darth Abyssus is said to be in stable but serious condition and is being tended to by the Jedi enclave on New Alderaan.

Mass Questi in coma

According to sources close to the Jedi, several nights ago, a GLA operative was approached by an unnamed Aleena on Nar Shaddaa, attempting to sell an electrum lightsaber on the black market. The operative was not only able to purchase the saber, but was able to learn that Master Questi himself was alive and in stasis at the Aleena’s residence on Nar. After some negotiation, the Aleena brought the operative to Questi and agreed to release the Jedi to the him and his partner. The pair transported the aged Master to New Alderaan, where he was released into the Jedi’s care.

Master Questi is said to still be in a comatose state, though the several years he spent suspended in bacta is said to have healed him physically. It’s clear that if and when he awakes, he will have a long road to recovery ahead of him, considering his age and the duration of time he was in stasis. Physicians examining the Master are optimistic he’ll recover fully. Questi is currently under guard by the Jedi and their associated allies.

For more information on the story please contact Jedi Knight Tekisui of the Jedi Order.