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Hutt business at Odominic Night

August 31, 2013

A correspondent of Galactic News Network attended in the Odominic Night in Kessel Gate.

Again a large crowd gathered at the StarLight in Kessel Gate to do business with the remnants of the mighty Hutt Council. In attendance were Issulla Odominic and Rolga Bareesh.

Xii addressing to the Hutt

The first speaker of the night was Magus the hutt’s Majordomo, Xi’i. She addressed the Council on behalf of Magus with a proposition to have diplomatic relations between the hutts at Kessel Gate and those on Nar Shaddaa. Xi’i went on to say “He wishes to do so because he would like to see the hutts united once more.” Issulla the Hutt responded favorably to the proposition saying “It is the desire of Odominic for us hutts to be united, only peace between hutts is profitable.” Xi’i then said they intend to present the offer at the next hutt night on Nar Shaddaa as well, and set up a meeting between Issulla and Magus to talk more of this business further.

Sharizar Stormfrost

The next speaker was a regular to the scene, Captain Sharizar Stormfrost of the Crimson Talon Pirates. who seemed to be giving an update of her recent exploits to the Council, Listing off ships her and her crew had acquired, credits along with other loot, and giving the hutts their share. on one final note, the Capitan mentioned their next run will be in the worlds outlying the core. So this reporter recommends staying out of that sector for awhile.

Zandross Lanzius

The next person to take the stage was called up by Rolga the hutt, Zandross Lanzius accompanied by two others. They seemed to have a lot of past tension when they spoke, as Rolga called the man a traitor and asked why he came to the council. Zandross calmed that his child was at the Kessel gate med bay and came to reclaim her. it also became clear this group was after an unknown object and Rolga the hutt has in his possession. after the mighty hutt stated they would never get what they were looking for, the group left the starlight and headed to the med bay to get Zandross’ child.