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Business Proposals Brought Forth at Hutt Night

September 2, 2013

GNN reporter Daan kira attended the latest Hutt Night on Nar Shaddaa.

Present from the Nar Shaddaa leadership and also taking on a hosting role was Sharifa Omar. Joining her were a couple of Hutt guests recently returning to Nar Shaddaa and helping to oversee the event, They were Magus and Smoska the Hutt.

Crowd starting to gather at Hutt Night

Starting out the evening Magus made a proposal to a Zeltron by the name of Xi’i, After some negotiations and contract re-writing where all clauses that could make her a slave were taken out, the Zeltron finally agreed and began working for the Hutt, at least in this capacity as it seemed she was a successful businesswoman in her own right.

Following these negations the two Hutts then engaged in an intra-hutt deal, whereby the bodies of those terminated by bounties would be used for a lucrative organ retrieval and sale business. However, they were reminded that Nar Shaddaa authorities would not tolerate the indiscriminate work of bounty hunters trying to collect bodies to sell. The Hutts agreed that the business would come from off world bounties.

Starting out business from the audience was a man who wished help in locating a young Twi’lek. Wishing for the job to be clandestine he only gave the name to the those on the stage the it was overheard that she was a young Sith, His reasoning for wanting to find her  was unclear but he wanted her found without her knowledge. He was told that he would be provided information if any came up.

During this time Kaelinn X also made an announcement congratulating the Nar Shaddaa Leadership with their win at the GNN sponsored Galactic Choice Awards.

And with a final other private matters between the Hutts and a few of the audience members, Hutt Night came to an end.

-Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira