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Visiting the Amaran Homeworld

September 15, 2013

GNN Reporter Daana Kira traveled to Amar to speak with members of Starwind.

Island of Arannis on Amar.

“Upon the Amaran home world of Amar lies an island known as Arannis with its largest city built inside the caverns of a dormant volcano. Unique on Amar, the island is home to those known as “Chundas” or the exiled ones. Composed mainly of those born with black fur and those that have helped them, these exiled ones have escaped a death sentence and made their own home outside the mainstream Amaran culture. Having the same fur color as the Amaran god of destruction known as Rayxin, this distinction usually tags the amaran to be sacrificed at birth, but many are saved from the destiny and finally make their way to Arannis.

City under the volcano.

The island itself has become more important as Starwind, the organization based on Tatooine to help displaced Amarans contacted the home world for assistance and aid against specism. Instead of finding solace with the rest of Amar, Starwind instead found that racism itself was alive on their home world, but eventually found allies among those of Arannis.  With the sharing of ideas between Starwind and the unique technology of the “Chundras”, Arannis now has a technological advantage over the other populated areas of Amar.

Eric Kaplan of Stawrind.

Heading the equivalent of the ministry of technology for Starwind, Eric Kaplin, is now also overseeing their place on Arannis. Though not born on Amar itself, but growing up on Mandalore, Mr. Kaplin is now back on his species home world to help Starwind and the exiled ones. He was gracious enough to give GNN a tour. He explained that Starwind wasn’t on Amar to stir conflicts or raise arms against their brothers, but just to help protect their new-found allies amongst the “Chundras”. However, they’ve also found a sort of home also on Arannis as the city itself has religious significance as a mecca for the Amaran goddess Mara.

Starwind hopes that their alliance with Arannis will not only end racism on their home world, but also specism throughout the galaxy.”

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira