CIS Press Release

September 18, 2013

Galactic News Network recieved a press release from the CIS, after their meeting turned private.

CIS meeting

The Confederation of Independent Systems (CIS), the oldest active trade union in the galaxy (represented by Korriban, Sleheyron, Zonama Sekot, Kessel Gate and others) is going public. In light of recent events, the shipping lanes are now open and operating uninterrupted again. The Confederation of Independent Systems is looking to both renew and create new trade negotiations with systems all over the galaxy at this time, regardless of faction or affiliation.

To this end, the CIS is excited to announce an opening of the public business forum as a chance to meet with representatives from different regions, discuss business, bring up issues, or propose your own ideas. Find out what working with the CIS can do for you and your planet’s economic growth.

The first CIS Public Meeting will be in a week ((Tues, Sept 24th, 10pm SLT)) at Kessel Gate. A second CIS Public Meeting will follow a week after.

The CIS Public Meetings will also serve as press conferences where leaders of represented systems will announce any events, happenings, or changes of which the public should be made aware.