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Hutt Night Sees Several New Business Opportunities for the Hutt Council

October 13, 2013

GNN reporter Daana Kira attended the latest Hutt Night.

Black Hole Casino, Nar Shaddaa: The Hutt Council once again held their public audience which drew a large crowd of spacers, merchants, mercenaries, and several others looking to do business with the Hutts. In attendance from the Council were Shaka, Nerous, and Azalus the Hutts. They were joined by staff, allies, business partners and guests; including Majordomo Morrigan, Sihivus Verne of the Imperious and Sparrow of the Apotheosis Corporation.

Hutt Night begins on Nar Shaddaa

This night began with a discussion about Dunka the Hutt. Before rumours had indicated the demise of this Hutt but were later revealed to be unfounded. But now, once again its presumed that Dunka has gone missing and his land holdings and businesses on Nal Hutta are falling to ruin. After a discussion of the extent of the damage the Hutt Council finally agreed to take over their members holdings and administer them as they see fit. Already several including Miss Verne expressed interest in buying claims to the holdings. Further talks about the administration, sale or breaking up of Dunka’s empire including his shipyards are to be held in the future behind closed doors by the Council and their guests. However, Shaka proclaimed that if Dunka or his valid heirs return, the holding would fall back to them.

Following this discussion, Shaka made the announcement that several of the Hutts were interested in strengthening their ties with the CIS and would possible begin attending their meetings. A disturbance in the crowd also held up the even, but the troublemaker who was fighting with several of the guests was finally subdued by the Hutts.

From the audience the first to step forward to speak with the Council was Darth Decon of the Sith Clan, Shadows of the Void. He was hoping to establish a trade agreement with the Hutts concerning hyperspace lanes between the two factions. Also he offered the trade of goods such as several beasts native to Lehon where his clan’s home resides. Entering into the conversation, Lady Ciera offered her services to help establish this trade alliance as she was familiar with both the Hutts and Darth Decon. The Hutt agreed and the specifics  of the trade agreement and Lady Ciera’s duties are to be hammered out in private meetings.

Ending the night was a discussion with Xanos and his associate, Senyi Xue,  who are representing a large economic block that has a strong influence over the slave trade of Ryloth. They brought their organization’s service to the attention of the Hutts that not only included the slave trade angle but several other markets as well from weapons to transportation services. The Hutts were very interested in dealing with these organizations and the services they could provide; even going so far as making a contract already to obtain servants for several of their business and the possible opening of the entertainment station known as the Wheel. They also extended the organization peaceful travel through Hutt space.

With the last of these business deals wrapped up, Hutt Night came to an end.

– Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

  1. October 13, 2013 at 8:58 AM

    /me opens her holofeed to find some sort of discrepancy in the reporting, begins typing up a correction “The contract with the Wheel is an exclusive deal between Shaka the Hutt and the Kessel Group, all business arrangements concerning the Wheel must go through the Kessel Group to be valid, not the Hutt Council as it has no hold or influence over the Wheel other then tax collecting for it being in Hutt Space. If Xanos and his associate, Senyi Xue want to do business with the Wheel they need to talk to someone who at least has connections with it, however, the Kessel Group is less then interested in the slave trade and it is in the contract with Shaka that slave labor is not allowed on the Wheel. I hope this clears up any misunderstandings”

    • Dakk Furdnak
      October 13, 2013 at 10:27 AM

      Slaves make the whole Galaxy go round and round like the name of your station, why slave trades bring ten times more credits ecspecially in republic space where its illegal than a club might.

  2. Darth Periculosa
    October 15, 2013 at 8:19 AM

    ((To confirm – Hutt Nights are still on Wednesdays, correct? Can someone post the time? Thanks!))

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