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Kaelinn ‘Baby Girl’ X goes to prison

October 29, 2013

Local correspondant in Kessel reported a police operation.

Early this morning, the home of infamous entertainment mogul Kaelinn ‘Baby Girl’ X was raided by Kessel authority. Records, hard drives, holos and other physical evidence was collected as X was taken into custody for tax evasion, perjury, fraud and money laundering. Her banking accounts and physical assets were seized at the same time during this well planned surgical strike.

X has long been suspected of organized crime after netting millions of credits working for Jiramma Hutt Clan, Nasirii Hutt Clan and her own entertainment company X Play. She is also accused of profit skimming and price fixing on past events she has created such as the Galactic Swoop Cup, Bengat Pod and STAP races, Galaxy Choice Awards, numerous pageants including Miss Galaxy and other lesser events like public fights and gambling.

According to Kessel laws of business, and a contract signed between X and the Kessel Government X has defaulted on her Kessel Gate loan as well, leaving the fate of the newly refurbished gateway to Kessel unknown at this time. It is customary for the Kessel Government to seize all assets of the people they have imprisoned.

The Kessel penal system is well known for it’s strict regulations and X could see a long time behind bars before ever seeing a judge.

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    ((Wow… This is what I walked away from? I’m laughing hysterically. XD))

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