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Small Gathering at Hutt Night

November 3, 2013

Reports from GNN filed this report.

Black Hole Casino, Nar Shadaa: With the absence of much of the council, the gathering for their public audience known as Hutt Night was smaller this week. Appearing from the council was Tiro the Hutt who many haven’t seen for a while.  Joining him was Oobajudda the Hutt, Sihivus Verne, majordomo Morrigan and several members of their staff and other guests.

Guests begin to gather at Hutt Night

Sparrow of the Apotheosis Corporation was the only guest to publicly come before the Hutts. She came to express her concerns over the encroaching of the Republic Remnants and GAR over spheres outside what she considered their jurisdiction, especially over what some would term the criminal elements such as the cartels found in Hutt space. She  stated they’ve become more aggressive over time and have interfered with free trade even going so far as to utilize weapons they’ve labelled as illegal to fight against several economic factions. She then gave a speech on the need for corporations such as her’s and organizations such as the Hutt Empire and the Imperius to unite and stand strong against the encroachment of the Republic and to being glory back to their name and their proper place in the galaxy.

Her speech though seemed to have been misunderstood or take out of context as most thought she was referring to  only going entering into a small war with the Republic. Most then declined her offer wishing not to become involved. However, it seems she was talking on even grandeur terms, by forming a revolution to make sure no-one interfered with their business. Sparrow left with hopes of getting her ideas off the ground with others and its unclear at this time if any of the factions present will pursue more with her.

During Sparrow’s passionate speech however, Tiro the Hutt seemed keen on making sure Hutt Night stayed a more private event going so far to eject the Jedi Master Solo, who has attended several of these public audiences before, and making a declaration that the press would be barred from overseeing the events. Master Solo left after encouragement from fellow Jedi Jay and others, but stated he would bring his business to other more friendly Hutts such as Isuulla. Members of the press ignored this Hutt’s declaration as they’ve had a long-standing relationship with the Hutt Council that goes back several years. Only time will tell if Tiro’s strictness gains any footing.

And with that Hutt Night came to an end.”